Martindale sells Native American artifacts

FREEMONT, Neb. – A single-owner collection of Native American artifacts sold through Glenn Martindale & Associates Inc. drew an international crowd of bidders to the Oct. 27 sale. Auctioneer Brad Martindale said the sale was interesting and educational for him, as well.

pipestonepipe.jpg“We had a lot of inquiries from around the country wondering if these were reproductions, and they weren’t,” Brad said. “There were a lot of interesting and historic pieces on this sale.”

Among the top selling lots in the auction was a 28-inch-long wooden spiral Pipestone pipe that sold for $300. A King George II peace medal necklace with blue and white carved beads sold for $120.

indianboydoll.jpg“There was an Indian boy doll that was dressed in beaded leather and holding a bow with horsehair that brought $220,” Martindale said. Other top-selling items include a second Pipestone peace pipe at $260, a 1793 Peace Medal at $200 and a 1795 Peace Medal at $175.

“There was also a breastplate that was made from leather, bone, beads and feathers,” Brad said. “It sold for $175.”