The ‘King of Pop’ and classic Hollywood rock the auction block

LOS ANGELES—A star-studded line up of entertainment memorabilia was offered and sold at Bonhams & Butterfields on Dec. 20, 2009, in Los Angeles. The sale featured a wide variety of items related to Hollywood, rock ‘n roll and Animation Arts as well as a selection of property from Michael Jackson’s private life. Also offered were pieces related to Marilyn Monroe; the Brown Derby restaurant on Vine Street in Hollywood, and countless movie posters and vintage animation cells.

Headlining the December sale was a selection of personal items related to Michael Jackson that offered the public an opportunity to see what it was like to be the ‘King of Pop.’ Highlights included: the t-shirt worn by him in the ‘Beat It’ video (the turquoise one seen under the red leather jacket he wears during the dance sequence) (sold for $20,740), a ‘Thriller’ compact disc, signed by the pop star (sold for $4,880), an enormous customized area rug depicting Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley that was given to the couple as a wedding gift (sold for $3,660), a signed limited edition print depicting Jackson in a faux Renaissance setting by Brett-Livingstone Strong (sold for $4,575) and a signed portrait of Jackson drawn by a high school-aged fan circa 1980 with a personal note (sold for $5,185).

Additional top lots from the December Entertainment Memorabilia Auction included:

* $39,650 paid for a large group of Three Stooges one-sheet film posters, 1950s-1960s [estimate $400-$600]

* $24,400 paid for a painted backdrop created for the title sequence of "Gone With The Wind" by plein air artist Fitch Fulton [estimate $20,000-$25,000]

* $23,180 paid for a group of one-sheet folded film posters related to cartoons from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros. And 20th Century Fox among others, 1940s-1950s [estimate $400-$600]

* $20,740 paid for a Walt Disney celluloid from "Pinocchio" [estimate $20,000-$30,000]

* $19,520 paid for a Charles Schulz Peanuts daily featuring Lucy and Linus [estimate $10,000-$15,000]

* $17,080 paid for a "Tom and Jerry" group of rare one-sheet movie posters, 1940s-1950s [estimate $400-$500]

* $15,860 paid for a Walt Disney celluloid from "Sleeping Beauty" [estimate $15,000-$20,000]

* $9,760 paid for a Walt Disney celluloid from "Bambi" [estimate $9,000-$12,000]

* $8,540 paid for a Marilyn Monroe twice-signed early employment contract, 1950 [estimate $7,000-$9,000]

* $8,540 paid for an enormous collection of mostly never-before-seen black and white photographs from The Brown Derby and other places, 1950s-1960s, from the Collection of David Gill Evans, longtime publicist for The Derby [estimate $600-$800].

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Photos courtesy Bonhams & Butterfields.


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