Military firearms market continues to rise

MOLINE, Ill. — This auction will offer some of the finest firearms to be offered at auction all year. This is an unusual sale in that it is a very broad auction that covers many collecting specifics in a depth and quality rarely seen, starting with the finest military collection ever offered at auction.

This selection will include an enormous number of military sniper rifles, more than 85 in total, in about every configuration possible. This collection contains an amazing array of military, including some ultra-rare and prototype examples. Not only is this collection comprehensive, but it has quality and has been described as a “sea of blue.”

The number of 90 percent or better firearms exceeds 80 percent of this collection. This is truly a lifetime collection and a marvelous achievement to gather this many examples of U.S., German, Japanese and other European examples of World War II-era firearms. This sale offers buyers a chance to own “fresh,” mint to near-mint examples of Lugers, 98Ks, 33/40s, P.38s, Borchart, Luger Cartridge Counter, PPs, PPKs, Berettas, Broom Handles, Radons, Steyrs, VG1s, VG2s, G41s, NSKK items, GEW 98s, DSM-34s, Papa Nambus, Baby Nambus, MK1Ts, K-31s, CZs, and more. Beyond the firearms, bidders will also find Africa Corps Military BMW motorcycle with sidecar on the auction block!

This auction is more than the military. The A.I. McCroskie Winchester collection is synonymous with rarity and the finest quality. Rock Island is again fortunate to have been chosen to offer selections from this most famous collection. The two One of One Thousand Winchesters are really quite unique. To have what is believed to be the finest 1876 Deluxe Winchester One of One Thousand to offer for sale is quite an honor. The Centennial 1873 One of One Thousand is historic in that there is only one, and, factory engraved like it is, makes it truly special. The gold 1866 SRC, the 1873s, 1886s, and others are a very impressive group of Winchesters.

Lever actions are not the only Winchesters in the sale; also included are two of the preeminent Model 70s in existence. Two factory gold inlaid, engraved, special-order Model 70s, new in box, are so new, in fact, the consignor stated he never inserted the bolts. There are, of course, other wonderful Model 70s.

The Winchester Model 21s are also amazing; there are 21 Model 21s in this sale — two factory gold-inlaid, engraved and cased Grand Americans, and an extreme rarity in a three-barrel set Winchester Model 21 in .410 20- and 28- gauge also are featured and extra-long barrel 21, as well as other configurations. Quality Winchesters, including new-in-the-box slide actions also are available. 

The gathering of antique weapons is also very impressive. They are just rare and interesting guns that seldom are seen at auction, like a Crank Air Rifle. It’s of the highest quality and truly a work of art and superior engineering.

The antiques start with quality matchlocks and wheellocks; 18th-century flintlocks; dueling pistols; exhibition pairs of percussion pistols; revolving rifles and pistols; U.S. Martial Arms; as well as edged weapons of nearly all the periods represented by the firearms above.

This auction features several collections of knives from the earliest 12th century dagger to the custom knives of today’s master craftsmen of the knife maker’s guild. There are very interesting designs, construction, and highly embellished examples as well as the simple designed Bowies.

In general, the Civil War-era arms are also quite nice, as well as several Confederate arms, including a nice-conditioned Leech & Rigdon Revolvers: a true rarity in condition for a Confederate weapon. A fine grouping of antique derringers, led by presentation-grade Remington and Sharps, also are offered.

The sporting rifles, shotguns, and pistols are well presented with names like Purdey, Holland & Holland, A.H. Fox, Kriegoff, Parker and others. There are high end shotguns, rifles, as well as field grade examples. The Class III weapons are lead by 3 high quality Thompson sub-machine guns with about 30 Class III weapons. There is an instant collection of Ruger firearms sold as a collection in a single lot.

For a two-volume, full-color catalog, call 800-238-8022 or view it online at ?


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