More stolen Art in Europe – $160M worth

Just what exactly will it take for owner’s of private, important collections of art – especially those on public display – to add security?

This is an unbelivable story, reported widely across the world this morning, about more than $160M in art stolen from the Beuhrle Collection in Zurich. I like the New York Times coverage best, so I linked to it here.

Chances are the artwork will go underground and decorate the home of some one who doesn’t care that it’s stolen goods. The market in art theft if huge, and the paintings are re-sold at hugely below actualy value. You could pick up one of these paintings, the Cezanne for instance, for a song… Say $15 million…

Let me just go check that shoebox in my closet. Maybe I’ll cash in those bonds I got for my bar mitzvah so long ago.

Hey Beuhrle Collection! Get a lock on those doors and a connection to the police. Then maybe those priceless paintings will remain where they are and you’ll be proven worthy to own such cultural treasures!