New auction site takes antique, collectible and art business away from eBay

A brand new auction site,, rivals eBay in customer service, features, selection and rates. Specializing in rare antiques and hard to find collectibles, is the first antique and collectible auction site to offer commission free trading. This user-friendly site has great photos featuring authentic, guaranteed antiques – not junk and reproductions.

This new online auction site is determined to save sellers from paying large fees. is aware of the never-ending costs of other auction sites, so they created an easy to use, clutter-free marketplace that focuses on the seller, items for sale, buyer experience and the safety of their users. There are never any listing fees, never any hidden or extra fees and never any buyer’s premiums.

They are proud to offer the lowest rates available for selling antiques, collectibles, art, books, coins, jewelry and furniture.

Some of the unique features available at are:

• Dedication to policing items to ensure authenticity.

• Sellers can set their own shipping rates.

• Large inventory of authentic antiques, books, art, jewelry, coins and collectibles.

• Team of developers/software engineers with more than 15 years of experience.

• Unique cost structure to allow sellers to make large profits with low overhead.

• Buying with no fees of any kind.

• Safe, flexible and fun experience for buyers and sellers.

• 1-, 3-, 5-, 7-, 10-, 21- and 30-day listings available.

• Commission-free trading with no extra costs or fees.

• 1-, 5- and 10-minute extended endings available.

• Instant payments from both Google Checkout and PayPal.

• Automatic insurance calculation.

• No buyer’s premium.

• Buyers and sellers have more options available compared to anywhere else. brings years of experience, reputation and guaranteed authentic antiques to this online auction site. is offering one year of free auction postings to any new users that sign up by March 31.


The team at has more than 50 years’ combined experience in antique sales and live auctions. They have the most successful antique mall in the Midwest with 30,000 square feet of authentic antiques, art and collectibles. They are using their reputation and experience to create the best online auction site.

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