One banana, two banana, three banana four!

It is snowing again here in Central, WI, making it a record setting year for snow – In Wisconsin. Did I mention that? At least in Madison, about 90 minutes to the south. Somehow, here in Central WI we manage to dodge a lot of the severe weather just above and just below this.

Going through Heritage Auctions’ Web site I cam across a sale that speaks so directly to a Gen-Xer like myself that I had to mention it here. Part of the Dallas Auction firm’s current online comics sale.

Man, I remember the Banana Splits like yesterday, along with the freaky cartoons that went along with it. They had a very bizarre version of Tom Sawyer that mixed a live Tom and Becky – maybe Huck – with the rest of the characters being animation. I used to watch in the afternoons – The Banana Splits, that is – as part of a show with an eerie clown who broadcast from a central Ohio amusement park and was always pushing some kind of red frozen treat, whjich I desperately coveted but never got. We moved from Cincinnatti long before the summmer… But I digress.

As you might be able to tell by this Wiki on the Splits, the show and its immortal characters – Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky – had quite a history, part of which was filmed in my hometown of Dallas. I also remember Bingo had a thing about hitting Fleegle.

Check out the sale, and that Banana Splits comic. A steal for $100, and my birthday’s comin’ up…