Political and Presidential at Heritage, March 1

DALLAS – On March 1, Heritage Auction Galleries will present the Edward C. Gillette Collection of Early Political and Presidential Display Items.

Washington AT 2-27.jpgThe auction includes 442 items, all from the era between George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt.

Great Liverpool pitcher featuring the most desirable George Washington portrait transfer. Estimate: $4,500-$6,000.

Among the diverse categories found in the collection will be glass and china, personally owned artifacts and even a one-of-a-kind signed, 1904-dated Persian rug depicting Theodore Roosevelt.

The collection also contains a small but select grouping of autograph items, including checks signed by Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson while president, and several fine Lincoln items, including a rare officer’s appointment to the tiny Marine Corps, and a delightful envelope and letter, with Lincoln’s personal signed free frank in lieu of postage, a personal favorite of Slater’s: "it contained a letter home from an Illinois friend who was staying for awhile with the Lincolns in the White House in 1863. The franking privilege is strictly restricted by law, and not supposed to be used for third party correspondence. Monroe AT 2-27.jpgBut Lincoln decided to save his friend the price of a stamp, making this correspondence evidence of a rare, if forgivable, violation of the law by a sitting president."

Extremely rare White House china dinner plate. To serious White House china collectors, this is one of the most collectable of styles. Estimate: $12,000-$18,000.

A Liverpool cream ware pitcher featuring the most sought-after transfer of Washington as president as well as a mammoth Liverpool punch bowl, picturing John Adams as president, and a serving dish from the service used by James Madison in the White House will all be part of the sale.

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