Postwar and Contemporary Art at Rago, May 17

LAMBERTVILLE, N.J. – Rago’s finest and strongest group sale of postwar and contemporary art comes to auction on Saturday, May 17, capping the week of New York area sales. The auction opens with 100+ lots of paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Buyers of pop culture will find a number of works to grab their attention. Among these, the sale features two drawings by Andy Warhol for the Myths portfolio, Mother Goose and Howdy Doody, the former extremely rare, as it did not ultimately become part of the portfolio. There is also a 1982 drawing of John Gould, Warhol’s muse and greatest love.

Rago’s continues to find and feature early work by appropriation artist Richard Pettibone. This sale contains three: Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe 1964 from 1968; Roy Lichtenstein, Aloha 1962 from 1968; and Jasper Johns, The Disappearance II 1961 from 1967. Mike Bidlo’s Not Pollack is another appropriation chosen for the sale, created in 1983.

Julian Schnabel makes a first appearance with monumental, scarified oil on tarpaulin from 1986. Also on the block collages by Anne Ryan and Nancy Spero.

There will be works in one form or another from virtually every giant name of the postmodern and contemporary art world. Katz, Nauman, Kelly, Koons, Motherwell and Mangold among them.

A preview will be held Saturday, May 10 through the morning of Saturday, May 17 at Rago Arts and Auction Center, midway between New York City and Philadelphia (near Princeton, N.J.).

For more information, go online to or phone 609-397-9374.