Prussian porcelain at Woody, April 19

ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A single-owner collection of R.S. Prussia – the very thin, high quality antique porcelain pieces coveted by collectors worldwide – will be sold Saturday, April 19, at the St. Charles Convention Center.

Carnation Mold AT 3-5.jpgThe collection was amassed over a period of many years by Harold and Joeleen Passow of Iowa. The sale will be conducted by Woody Auction, of Douglass, Kansas.

R.S. Prussia is widely recognized as one of the top antique Victorian porcelains. Production began in Germany in 1861, by Erdmann Schlegelmilch. Around 1869 he was joined by his brother, Reinhold, and they set up a factory in Tillowitz. An active export business followed, and R.S. Prussia soon captured the hearts of Americans between 1880-1910. It was fine porcelain at a reasonable price.

Mold 261 Bowl AT 3-5.jpgThe distinctive R.S. Prussia red mark was developed to honor the brothers’ father, Rudolph. Today, “red mark” examples, surrounded by a green wreath and made at the turn of the last century, are the most popular with collectors. The most valuable pieces feature decor other than florals, such as portraits, animals, classical themes and landscapes. Unusual objects and mold shapes are also prized.Chocolate Pot AT 3-5.jpg

The auction will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. and continue until every lot is sold, without reserve.

A preview will be held on Friday, April 18, from 2-6 p.m.

Woody Auction’s next big sale after The Passow Collection will be May 24-25 with the Brinkman Collection – more than 900 lots comprising vintage lamps, Daum Nancy, Mary Gregory, Wave Crest, Royal Flemish and other vases, figurines, porcelains and more. The sale will be held at the Aurelia Community Center in Aurelia, Iowa.

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