Rare ‘Old Woman in the shoe’ bank at Morphy, April 4-5

DENVER, Pa. – Morphy Auctions has revamped its annual calendar of events so that now general sales are held in the spring, fall and winter, with tightly focused specialty auctions of toys, dolls and folk art in between. The first of the two-day toy auctions will be held April 4 and 5.

The Friday, April 4, session leads off with a grouping of early skittles sets, including rooster with chicks, hen with chicks skittles, peacock and German-made dog with pups.

Morphy 187 AT 3-5.jpgHubley made its beautifully detailed red “Straight 8” Packard around 1927. The ultimate cast-iron luxury auto, in 100 percent original condition, features two hinged hood doors that open to reveal a well-crafted cast-iron motor. Provenance: Merritt Museum. Estimate: $25,000-$30,000.

Rarities abound in the cast iron section of the sale, led by a red 1927 Hubley Packard “Straight 8” in near-mint condition, $25,000-$30,000; a light blue Hubley Packard sedan, $10,000-$15,000; and an Ideal Bicycle Rider – one of only two known – $15,000-$20,000.

On Saturday, the toy action begins with rare and beautiful marbles from the Gary and Sally Dolley collection. Both an over 1 1/2-inch Indian mag lite marble and a blue glass suspended blue mica marble carry individual estimates of $4,000-$6,000.Morphy 641 AT 3-5.jpg

A rare three-stage swirl marble, this 2?-inch example is white, blue, yellow and has a turquoise center. The “cage” is comprised of closely spaced red transparent lines with alternating outer lines of yellow and white. Estimate: $3,000-$5,000.

At least 20 cast-iron bell toys will be offered, including a Baby Quieter, Cat and Dog, Mule Jack, Boy on Serpent, and others. This group will be followed by 30 lots of early American toys of various media, including an Althof Bergman tin Trotter, and several Ives clockwork toys including a vividly expressive Stump Speaker.

Morphy 894 AT 3-5.jpgOne of the rarest of all cast-iron mechanical banks, this circa-1884 W.S. Reed & Co., Old Woman in the Shoe depicts the classic nursery-rhyme theme. Examples of this bank are very seldom seen at auction, and this one is the best example known. Provenance: L.C. Hegarty collection, Stan Sax collection. $250,000-$350,000.

The Saturday session will finish with more than 75 mechanical banks and 300 still banks. The mechanicals represent a who’s who of banks, from the West Coast collection and Bob Brady collection, with such examples as Roller Skating, Jonah and the Whale standard version, Magician with original box and many more. The star lot of the group is this 1883 W.S. Reed (Leominster, Mass.) Old Woman in the Shoe bank, one of only two known examples. It carries a presale estimate of $250,000-$350,000.

For more information, call 717-335-3435, or go online to www.morphyauctions.com.

Morphy 86 AT 3-5.jpg

A classic American cast-iron toy, Carpenter’s Tally-Ho Coach is 27 inches long and simulates a galloping motion when the toy is pulled forward. Seven well-dressed ladies and dandies sit atop the coach. One of the finest known examples, with provenance through the F.H. Griffith collection, it is estimated at $40,000-$60,000.00.