Rembrandt portrait may bring up to $41M


Christies Rembrandt portrait.jpgScott Reyburn of Bloomberg news writes:

A Rembrandt portrait of an
unidentified man with his hand on his hip may be the most highly
estimated Old Master painting ever offered at auction when it
comes up for sale in London in December. …

“Old Masters have been a resilient market over the past
few years,” Richard Knight, Christie’s international co-head of
Old Masters and 19th-century art, said in an interview. “The
success of the Yves Saint Laurent sale in February has had a
positive effect on our market. Neither of these paintings is a
forced sale. People are taking advantage of what is perceived to
be strong demand for rare things.”

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Intrinsic value, rarity, demand, market conditions: which will weigh the heaviest when it comes to the final price?

Photo courtesy Christie’s.

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