Titanic pay slip brings $6,780 at Weiss

OCEANSIDE, N.Y. – The original pay slip showing an account of wages for F.O. Evans, a baker on the ill-fated Titanic credited with saving children’s lives while the vessel was sinking into the Atlantic Ocean, sold for $6,780 at a multi-estate sale held Jan. 26-27 by Philip Weiss Auctions. Newspaper accounts from the time reported Evans “threw children into lifeboats” as the Titanic sank.

Titanic pay slip AT 2-27.jpgThe original pay slip showing an accounting of wages for F.O. Evans, a baker on the ill-fated Titanic, sold for $6,780 at a multi-estate sale held Jan. 26-27 by Philip Weiss Auctions in Oceanside, N.Y.

The baker-turned-hero lived to collect his well-earned paycheck for the week of April 10-15, 1912 (the Titanic struck an iceberg April 14 and sank April 15). The 7 1/2-inch by 9 1/2-inch folded slip was signed and dated by a White Star Lines representative. It was one of many rare artifacts from the estate of Ken Schultz, a dedicated collector of ocean liner, World’s Fair and Hollywood memorabilia.

Other highlights from the sale follow. All prices quoted include a 10 percent buyer’s premium.

The top lot of the auction was an original Peanuts daily comic strip, drawn by the late cartoonist Charles Schulz. The four-panel strip – dated Dec. 22, 1952 – sold for $31,640. It featured Charlie Brown and Schroeder at the piano. Philip Weiss Auctions has practically become synonymous with Peanuts strips. The firm has sold many – and more yet will be auctioned in 2008.Britains soldiers AT 2-27.jpg

A boxed set of 26 Britains police marching band figures (shown right), crafted out of lead in the 1950s, crossed the block at $7,910. The set, with each figure standing about 3 inches tall, was impressive enough to be featured in the book The Art of the Toy Soldier (page 220). It came from the estate of Bert Ehrlich, a collector of toy soldiers. About 500 lots in the sale came from Mr. Ehrlich’s collection alone.

Advertising posters from the Ken Schultz estate also did well. A rare Art Deco-inspired Pan American Exposition poster (shown below), measuring 28 inches by 41 inches and commemorating an event that ran from May 1-Nov. 1, 1901, Pan American poster AT 2-27.jpgin Niagara and Buffalo, N.Y., achieved $5,650; while a White Star Line poster, made around 1910 and displaying “Types of World Famous Liners” (23 inches by 40 inches) gaveled for $3,270.

On Saturday, April 5, a private collection of high-end mechanical banks, coin-operated machines and slot machines will be sold. The group will be led by a beautiful “Girl Skipping Rope” bank. Other consignments were being added at press time. On Sunday, April 6: Part 1 of the B. L. “Phil” Phillips Collection, featuring many high-end robots and space toys. In May, Part 2 of the collection will be sold, to include vintage and rare battery-op toys; Franklin Mint pieces; and more.

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