Treadway Gallery holding annual Decorative Arts auction June 7-8

COVINGTON, Ky. – Treadway Gallery is holding their annual Decorative Arts auction June 7-8 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, Ky. This new location will provide upgraded amenities such as on-site parking, restaurants, and lodging.  Preview will be held at the Treadway Gallery May 6-June 4, and at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center June 6-7.

The Treadway Gallery decorative arts sale is comprised of material from three collections, with an emphasis on Rookwood Pottery.  One group from Kansas City, featuring a selection of Rookwood, includes objects as diverse as Sea Greens, Native American portraits and the work of Jens Jensen. Florals, along with carved organic pieces and fish scenes, round out the group of Rookwood Sea Green glaze selection. Buyers can select from a virtual tribe of Native American portraits by a wide variety of artists. On the heels of the well-received show at the Cincinnati Art Museum, this group encompasses the largest selection of these pieces to ever appear at public auction. With over 10 examples, there promises to be something available for every buyer. Artists such as Grace Young, Sturgis Laurence, Constance Baker, Edith Felten and Adeliza Sehon are represented. The work of Jens Jensen, one of Rookwood’s most distinctive artists, includes organic and stylized animals and birds, along with his wonderful modernist nude subjects.

Porcelain glaze examples by Kataro Shirayamadani, Arthur Conant, Margaret McDonald, Lorinda Epply, Elizabeth Barrett and E. T. Hurley will be among the favorites for many buyers. A vase by Sara Sax that has a decoration of peacocks is among the best of the porcelain glaze examples. Of the rarest of Rookwood’s glaze lines is the Aerial Blue glaze, and there are two in the auction: one by Bruce Horsfall, another by W. P. McDonald.

Over seven silver overlay pieces can be had and one has a very unusual decoration of a rabbit while another has a group of ducks. Plenty of Iris glaze pieces will be available to the highest bidder; this group includes artists such as Kataro Shirayamadani, Ed Diers, Lenore Asbury and Carl Schmidt. A few of the better examples of Iris glaze include one with birds by Shirayamadani, one by Schmidt with beautifully painted mushrooms, and an extremely rare stein also by Shirayamadani.

In the beginning stage of their production, Rookwood produced Standard glaze pieces that won them fame the world over. A 30-inch-high floral floor vase is among the 20 pieces of this style, along with numerous pieces with silver overlay. Early Rookwood (pieces made prior to 1900) are available in various forms and sizes.

Arts and crafts collectors will admire pieces that are carved and painted; these were produced for a brief period in the early 1900s. Included in the Arts and Crafts inspired examples is a rare carved vase with a dragon, done by one of Rookwood’s best, Kataro Shirayamadani.

From a collection built by a couple in Indianapolis there are 20 examples of Rookwood’s distinctive and popular scenic vellums. Works by Carl Schmidt, Ed Diers, Fred Rothenbush and Sally Coyne account for most of the vases along with a good group of landscape plaques. Plaques are abundant in this sale with such rarities as Green Vellum with boats, numerous landscapes of various sizes, and a very rare example with Sea Green glaze executed by A.R. Valentien. Collectors can enjoy the various examples of Vellum glaze pieces of many shapes and sizes. Buyers will find original artworks by the Rookwood artists including a rare painting by William Hentschel, a group of etchings by E. T. Hurley that came from his personal collection, two oils by Carl Schmidt and a watercolor by Jens Jensen. This collection from Indiana also includes many pieces of Weller Hudson, Eocean, Dickensware, and a grouping of Coppertone pieces with frogs.

A collector in San Francisco is selling her Roseville collection, which focuses on Futura, including several important forms. In this consignment buyers will find excellent pieces of Wisteria, Falline, Ferella, Morning Glory and others from the popular middle period of Roseville’s production. The majority of these examples are in excellent original condition. There’s also a group of Rozane Aztec, Azurine, and examples of Owens pottery.

Concluding the sale is a large group of arts and crafts and Art Nouveau metalwork including Heintz, Roycroft, Frankart and Kayerzinn. Artwork by Cincinnati artists like Paul Ashbrook, E.T. Hurley, Mary Louise McLaughlin, Lorinda Epply, Irene Bishop and C.A. Meurer will be sold at the end of the last session of this two-day auction.

For more information, visit, or contact the Treadway Gallery directly at (513) 321-6742.