Victorian Casino Antique Auction Oct. 10-11

LAS VEGAS – If Las Vegas has a reputation for being one of the most exciting cities in the world, then the Oct. 10-11 Victorian Casino Antique (VCA) Auction is one of the events that helps give it that reputation. This will be the most exciting, glorious and unusual auction in VCA’s 35-year history.

The founder of VCA, Roy Arrington, held his first auction in 1974 and over the years it became “the event” for serious collectors of coin operated machines of every description, advertising signs, saloon equipment, gambling items and Americana of all kinds.

Serious collectors often competed against the casual auction goer who was simply looking for an attractive piece for his game room or bar. Luckily there was always more than enough variety to send everyone home happy. Mr. Arrington sold the business in 2001 to Peter Sidlow and Pat McGuire. Roy quietly passed away in 2004.

Peter and Pat have not only kept it as “the event,” but have greatly improved both the quality and ambience. Many rare and unusual items have gone under the hammer fetching record prices. This coming auction is no exception and may be the best in its long history.

There are over 220 lots of rare and unusual gambling items from various collectors, but the majority of the offerings come from a single collector who spent years putting it all together. A few of the highlights include: Will & Finck Hyronemous Dice Tub (only one known), Will & Finck hand carved casekeeper with ivory beads, magnificent 276 ivory chip set, gaffed Evans covered roulette wheel, framed collection of Nevada photographs, antique cold deck machine, wallet holdout (only three known), faro table and chair, other gaming tables and devices and much more.

Victorian Casino’s specialty over the years has been coin-ops – especially vintage slot machines – and October’s auction continues the trend; stand-out offerings include: Mills double Chicago upright (original), Caille 50-cent Big Six, Mills Cricket, Caille Centaur with jackpot and over 50 additional lots of vintage slot machines.

There also will be offered a large variety of trade stimulators, gumball and peanut vendors and other unusual coin-operated devices.

There will be four ADM Cooper original oils including a gorgeous bar room nude. Mr. Cooper was a heavy drinker and often paid his tab by painting a nude or some other scene for the owner.

There will be music boxes, arcade games and cast iron and pressed steel toys for the mid 20th century.

Additional items to tempt collectors to Las Vegas in October include 11 fabulous reverse glass beer signs, some of which are one of a kind. Examples include two different Yosemite, Calif., beer with bear; Bakersfield Brewing (only one known); Napa City; Columbia (only one known); American; National (only one known) and Tacoma (only one known).

Over a thousand lots of every size, shape, description and price range will be offered. For more information or to order the catalog, visit or call 702-382-2466.