Upcoming events promise autumn antiquing adventures

By Antoinette Rahn

The season of autumn is nearly upon us and it is often a glorious time to enjoy special collecting excursions and antiquing opportunities. Based on what I’m seeing in our calendar of events, this year appears to be delivering in spades. 

Upcoming Events That Caught My Eye

    • Rose Bowl Antique Market

      View from Rose Bowl Antique Market.

      Countless offerings across the state of California in September look appealing: Rose Bowl Flea Market, Sept. 10 in Pasadena is an icon among ‘fleas’ and always a good bet for a great time, while the Topanga Vintage Market in Los Angeles, Sept. 24 continues to garner a lot of attention in this its fifth year in operation.

    • Each and every month of the year the great state of Georgia presents opportunities to acquire wonderful antique and vintage items at the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta and/or the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming. Both of these markets certainly appear to have the goods and a great atmosphere. 
    • October in the Rocky Mountain state? Yes, please. The World Wide Antique & Vintage Show, slated for Oct. 20-22, at The Denver Mart, With between 85 and 100 vendors flocking to the Mile High city to offering their wares, it makes sense why this show tradition is in its 43rd year.

Midwest Plentiful With Markets

    • There is never a dull moment in the state of Illinois, for many reasons, including its antiques and collectibles events. Why, between Sept. 23 and 24 there are four big collector events taking place in Chicago and Wheaton alone. Between the end of August and the beginning of November, there are happenings to appeal to a multitude of collecting interests every weekend.
    • Another destination for collecting-style fun and adventure is Lexington, Kentucky. Each month the Athens Schoolhouse Antiques Show delivers opportunities to acquire a variety of treasures.
    • Sept. 5-10 Brimfield, Mass. is the place to be. Shows upon shows in fields upon fields will be buzzing with activity. As many have said Brimfield is more than a destination, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Eye on Opportunities

  • With a name like Antique Festival of the Ozarks, how can this event be anything but awesome?
    Antique Alley Texas

    Autumn view along Antique Alley Texas.

    We’ve never been, but this Springfield, Missouri event always captures our attention. This autumn it’s slated for Oct. 28-29.

  • Another destination on our bucket list is the Washington Antiques Fair in Washington, Pennsylvania. This monthly fair is held in the Console Energy Park and from what we’ve heard it’s the right place, as the energy of excitement surrounding this monthly event is addictive. 
  • The great state of Texas is a big place, and based on what’s listed on our show calendar there are antiquing happenings nearly every weekend in September. Among the events capturing our attention is the Antique Alley Texas — taking place within six communities of North Central Texas Sept. 15-17; and the autumn Marburger Farm Antique Show (Sept. 26-30).

Remember, these are just a few of the many thrilling antiquing and collecting shows and markets coming up the next couple of months. Visit our show calendar to view more >>

Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show

A booth display at Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show.