Listing your antique shows and auctions in Antique Trader is free and easy

We welcome them all: Antique shows, flea markets, estate auctions, collectibles shows, comic book conventions, collector club gatherings and meetings, etc.

Antique Trader magazine and offer a free event listing service that help get the word out about your show, convention, flea market or auction. Whether you have one event, a dozen, or twenty, any antiques and collectibles-related show or auction qualifies for inclusion in our online calendar and magazine calendar. We will even include estate sales and estate auctions since they are such fantastic opportunities for picking antiques and collectibles.

All you have to do is provide us with the complete information, with enough lead time. We need the complete information so prospective customers can find you, and enough lead time – at least three weeks – before your event so we can actually get the word out to our audience.

Antique Trader magazine

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This is a completely free service provided by the Antique Trader editors, with absolutely no strings attached. However, in order for us to help you, we need you to abide by the process requirements. Maintaining the free events calendar is just one our many responsibilities – and not the highest of our priorities – so the easier you can make it for us to help you, the better. I guess you could say following the rules is the price of your listing.

We can help get the word out about your event by you filling out the form at Once you submit the form, the information is emailed to both of the Antique Trader editors: Antoinette Rahn and myself, Karen Knapstein. We will then add your event information to the Antique Trader magazine calendar and the appropriate online calendar (i.e. show calendar or auction calendar).

If you send us an event that is less than a week away, you will not see it listed in Antique Trader magazine, and there’s a very good chance you’re not going to see it listed on, either. We simply cannot drop all of our other responsibilities to update the free online calendar listings (they are not updated every day), and the magazine is sent off to the printer far before the cover date … anything less than three weeks in advance and you’re risking missing your window of opportunity.

Another option for getting your antique show or auction (or flea market, convention, etc.) information to us is to email us ALL the relevant information — at least three weeks prior to your event. Send the event details to ATNews[at] [Subject: EVENT SUBMISSION]. If you have more than one event, you are more than welcome to list them all in a single email. But, please, don’t just send us a list of dates; you must include the complete information for EACH event (date, event name, location, admission, hours).

Information for each event must include:

Event date
Event name
Venue name with COMPLETE address (including the state … you would be shocked at the number of event submissions we receive without the state)
Show hours or auction start time
Where can prospective attendees get more information (telephone number or email address of someone who can answer questions, or web address/URL)

Please don’t mail or email us your fliers and advertisements expecting us to glean the information we need off of them; time is precious – both yours and ours. We don’t have the leisure time to read through fliers and notices to find event details for free listings … especially when those fliers don’t include all the information necessary.

Please type in the event information in a list within the body of the email if you don’t want to fill out the constant contact form. Besides, if you provide us with information that we can copy/paste from an email, the chance for errors is far, far less than if we have to transcribe from an image or glean details from a lot of extra information that we don’t need and won’t use.

We won’t open email attachments because we can’t trust them. It’s nothing personal against you, but put yourself in our shoes: Do you open attachments from people you don’t know? Email accounts are hijacked and hacked all the time; we can’t take the risk of opening attachments that may include viruses or malware that can shut our computer systems down.

Also, we won’t follow links to hunt down information if you haven’t provided it to us. As you know, the internet can be a dangerous place; websites can be hosts to malware and viruses that can corrupt our computers and endanger our ability to do our jobs effectively.

We really want to help you get the word out about your event, so help us help you. Provide us with all the information we need in a timely manner, and we’ll do our best to do just that.

PS: If you are interested in added exposure, contact the Antique Trader sales representative, Tyler Jensen, at or 715-318-4505. He can tell you about some excellent advertising opportunities that fit a broad range of budgets.