Asian antiques and arts sale brings $1.2 million, sets house record

ALAMEDA, Calif – Michaan’s Auctions’ final sale of the year became its third-highest grossing auction to date. With just shy of a 75 percent sell-through, the 427 offered lots brought in an impressive sales total of $1,270,770. The Dec. 18, 2012 auction also made this the third fine Asian works of art sale to break the $1 million mark.

Kangxi chinese porcelain bowlsThis pair of blue and white porcelain bowls, with Kangxi reign mark to each base, sold for $20,000. Each has rounded sides with fine painted decorations to the exterior and interior of scrolling peonies.

The two highest selling lots of the day brought the same selling price of $58,500. The market for decorative Asian furniture has remained strong as prominent collectors continue to seek extravagant, well-executed pieces of large stature. Lot 6255, a Qing dynasty hardwood folding floor screen with embroidered panels, is just such an object of Asian artistry. The exceptional embroidery set the nine-panel screen apart, as it took in over 11 times its projected high value. An embellished, lacquered wood wall panel generated the same result. Lot 6271 was in near perfect condition, a rare occurrence for this type of piece. This made the panel especially sought after, selling for over nine times its high estimate.

Asian ivory Immortals carvingThis set of finely carved ivory Daoist Immortals, from the late Qing Dynasty, sold for $16,000. Each figure is carved holding unique attributes including Li Tieguai with his crutch and gourd, Zhongli Quan with his fan, Cao Guojiu with his castanets, Zhang Guolao with his musical bamboo and two rods, He Xiangu with a lotus stem, Han Xiangzi with his flute, Lan Caihe with a flower basket, and Lu Dongbin with a fly whisk, each with an embroidered stand.
jade inset Asian table screen This table screen with carved jade inset sold for $22,500. One side two gentlemen accompanied by two cranes and a young attendant in a mountainous landscape.

Lot 6090, a table screen with jade inset, sharply exceeded its high estimate. Although clearly a special piece, the final selling price of $26,325 amazed those in attendance. The unique design features of double sided carvings and quality jade pushed the piece over 17 times its high estimate of $1,500. A close second was lot 6215, a pair of blue and white porcelain bowls. Collectors were aware of the Kangxi mark, an indication of imperial association. The pieces are understood to most likely have been created for and used by emperor Kangxi. The mark undoubtedly helped the pair of bowls to sell for $23,400, going for over 15 times the high estimate.

Also noteworthy is a large export table with marble inset, sold as lot 6323. Originally estimated at $2,000-3,000, the table sold for over 11 times its high estimate for $35,100. The combination of the table’s unusually large size, intricate carvings and substantial single slab of pink marble made it an especially coveted piece.

Complete results for the fine Asian works of art auction as well as future auction information and bid submission is available online at Michaan’s Auctions.

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