‘Bottle King’ relaunches Bottle Bible website with interactive blog


From avid bottle collecting enthusiast and author Mike Polak comes an exciting, comprehensive revision and update to his website, www.bottlebible.com, to complement

Michael Polak antique bottles

Bottle Treasures Uncorked by Michael Polak

his current book, “Bottles: Identification and Price Guide,” 7th Edition.

“I’m excited about this update for a number of reasons. While I’ve enjoyed the hobby of bottle collecting for 40 years, I’ve also enjoyed the writing and updating of each new edition of the book, and the positive and valuable input and invaluable comments from bottle collectors across the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Along with all of the other good bottle hobby news and information, I wanted to make sure that this website update expanded and encouraged even more input and feedback, by adding an interactive blog between myself and all collectors,” says Polak.

Starting with the first edition, and continuing with every update, the goal has always been to provide the most informative reference and pricing guide available and live up to the nickname “The Bottle Bible” given the book by collectors, clubs and dealers. The structure of the updated site will continue and enhance not only valuable information, but also the lines of communication.

The site has been set up as user friendly for all collectors, which will be noticed upon entering the home page of the site. The site starts off with an introduction of the most

antique trader bottles 7th edition

A top seller, Antique Trader Bottles Identification & Price Guide, 7th Edition, is available at KrauseBooks.com.

recent revision, and then moves on to the recent blog posts. As the collector navigates that site, they will find information about the author and scheduled appearances, details about ordering the current edition of the book and a presentation of past editions. Also included is a section called “Bottle Collecting News,” which includes some of the most current events and activities happening in the world of bottles, as well as a “FAQ” section that will answer and provide basic bottle collecting information for all collectors.

This new and updated site also provides a detailed preview of the “Table of Contents” of the 7th Edition of “Bottles: Identification and Price Guide.”

Visit www.bottlebible.com for bottle collecting news and information.