George Washington inauguration button featured in militaria auction

BOUCKVILLE, N.Y. – An actual button from George Washington’s inauguration, an American War of 1812 chapeau (hat), part of a flag flown at the Battle of Gettysburg, a group of books from Adolf Hitler’s library seized by an American Major in the final days of World War II and silverware from one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces are some of the items to be sold June 1-2, 2012 as part of a broad and sweeping, 1,700-lot militaria auction (titled ‘Auction 67’) planned by Mohawk Arms Inc.

George Washington inauguration collectiblesFlat copper button from the inauguration of George Washington, 34mm (opening bid $1,250). Photo courtesy Mohawk Arms, Inc.

The Washington button and the War of 1812 chapeau are two expected top lots from the section dedicated to Colonial-era America. Both carry an opening bid (OB) of $1,250. The button is flat and copper, 34mm in diameter, and says “GW” and “Long Live the President.” The chapeau is triangle form, with a 10-inch-high center, and sports folded-up front and back brims.

The framed piece of a blue silk flag that was flown at the Battle of Gettysburg (July 3, 1863) is 2 1/2 inches in diameter, with a painted five-point star. It is historically significant, but has a modest opening bid of just $350. Expected to soar past that is a pre-Civil War era snare drum with a basswood body and painted portrait of George Washington (OB $1,500).

Two other Civil War era lots of note are an excavated Confederate fighting knife (or cutlass), with a 19 3/4-inch single-edge, slightly curved edge, nicely mounted in a shadowbox with other found relics (OB $700); and an attic find consisting of a U.S. Army regulation canvas knapsack, a cartridge box, a leather belt with brass “US” belt plate and other items (OB $600).

The sale will be held at the Mohawk Arms gallery, located on Route 20 in Bouckville, N.Y. Internet bidding will be available through and on the Mohawk Arms website. Phone, fax and left bids will also be taken. For more information, visit Mohawk Arms Inc.

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