‘Haunted Objects’ a great collection of ghost stories

By Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg

This is an exclusive excerpt of the brand new book, “Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf,” an exploration of unsettling accounts of unexplained paranormal activity surrounding everyday items.

Claire the doll

When Jill was eight years old, she was given an old porcelain doll by a dear family friend, Miss Marian. The kindly old woman was always dropping by Jill’s home and leaving her gifts, and this doll was the last thing she gave her before she passed away.

Jill was never really into dolls, but was delighted to have a new keepsake from her beloved friend. She gave the doll a place of honor, seating it in a child-sized rocking chair beside the nightlight.

haunted doll

Claire the doll, with unblinking stare. Photo courtesy Jill Cole.

The doll was rather pretty, with pink lips, brown eyes, and rosy peach cheeks. Dark brown hair hung in slightly frizzled and now-loose curls. It wore a peach and cream-colored dress with apron and petticoats and little black Mary Jane shoes that, when removed, showed delicately painted toenails. The doll’s body was soft fabric, and its head, forearms, hands, and legs from the knees down were porcelain.

The doll looked almost like Jill. In fact, Miss Marian made a point of saying the doll reminded her of young Jill, and that’s why she gave it to her. While there was definitely a strong resemblance between the girl and the plaything, perhaps Miss Marian had other reasons for wanting the doll out of her own home.

Jill named the doll Claire, and from the moment it entered her house, frightening things began to happen.

“I was always uneasy with Claire,” Jill said. “I never wanted to touch her, and when I played in my room, it was as if she was watching me. It wasn’t anything to panic about, but I do remember feeling like if I did something wrong, she might actually tell on me. How ridiculous does that sound?”

The activity surrounding Claire began one night when Jill was reading in her room—a book of ghost stories, perhaps not coincidentally. She was jarred by the sound of the carousel horse that sat on her dresser springing to musical life. It wasn’t just a few odd notes, like an old mechanical music box is known to emit from a slight vibration to its pedestal, but the entire song, as if it was fully wound.

Jill sat there in disbelief, watching the little horse move up and down in time with the music. This couldn’t be happening; even her eight-year-old mind knew that. She wasn’t afraid as much as she was shocked. Then, as quickly as it had started, the music and the horse just stopped.

Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your ShelfHaunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf, by Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg (F+W Media, 2012)

You’ll never look at chairs, dresses, paintings, and the common items in your home the same way again

“I was a pretty brave kid. I didn’t run and tell my mom,” said Jill. She’d seen a figure she called the Shadow Man throughout her life, but her parents never believed her, so she simply stopped talking about it. “If [Mom] wouldn’t believe me about that, she wouldn’t believe anything as mundane as a music box, so I just let it go.”

Not long after that incident came the voice. For several nights, Jill was awakened by a woman several inches from her face, shouting, “Jill! Wake up!” Jill instantly jumped out of bed, only to find her room empty.

Although the woman shouting her name died down after a few months, the phenomena moved on to her younger brother. After they were both grown and out of the house, the woman started screaming in her father’s face while he slept, and she still does to this day.

But even with the woman no longer shouting her awake at night, other little things began to happen. Jill would put an item in a certain place, only to find it later on the floor right in front of the doll. Any item that went missing—and many did—would end up near Claire. One time, Jill even found a missing ring in the pocket of the doll’s apron. Other strange things occurred around the doll as well—books fell off shelves and a perfume scent enveloped the room without any verifiable cause.

The night that changed Jill’s opinion of Claire from benign trickster to malevolent force sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. She awoke to thumping sounds coming from near her closet. Her sleepy eyes were drawn to the nightlight in the corner of the room, and to the rocking chair in which Claire sat. Terror gripped her as she saw where the thumping sound was coming from—the rocking chair was swaying back and forth on its own.

Staring at the doll, Jill saw its feet, which had previously been pointed in opposite directions, slowly straighten themselves until they were both pointing up. In a moment of horror that still haunts Jill’s nightmares to this day, the doll turned its head toward Jill (which should have been an impossibility, since it was affixed to her cloth body), its lifeless eyes staring straight into her soul.

haunted doll's home

The place where Claire was kept. Photo courtesy Jill Cole.

At that exact moment, all four music boxes in Jill’s room began to play in a full-out cacophony of creepiness. Jill was frozen with fear and screamed out for her parents. As soon as she did, the music boxes all stopped at once, although Claire continued to stare at Jill.

Yet even after that, Jill couldn’t bring herself to get rid of Claire. She stuffed the doll in a box in the back of a storage closet and never allowed another one in her room.

Even though Jill thought about Claire over the years, it wasn’t until she shared this story with me that she realized a connection between Claire and Miss Marian that might explain the spirit attached to the doll.

Miss Marian had sworn that the house she lived in was haunted by the spirits of the victims of a horrendous train accident that happened less than a mile from her home in 1900. Thirty-eight people died, as the train plunged into a flooded creek.

Miss Marian was never quite sure where the doll came from. She found it while cleaning out a closet and had no recollection of ever buying it or receiving it as a gift.

Miss Marian placed the doll on a shelf, and soon weird things began happening—cigar smoke materializing and blowing in her face, disembodied voices and footsteps coming from the basement, and glass breaking with no shards to be found. Perhaps the strangest incident following the doll’s arrival was the day Miss Marian found a set of gold teeth in her toilet. Miss Marian also reported nights in which she would be tucked into bed by unseen hands. The doll was known to move on its own throughout the house, from shelf to stool to sofa, all with no explanation as to how it got there.

The doll could have been possessed by the spirit of one of the victims of the train wreck, or maybe it was even on the train when the accident happened. Perhaps it was the cause of the accident. If a doll can tuck an elderly woman into bed and make music boxes perform on command, who is to say it couldn’t also force a train to plunge into the murky depths of a swelled creek?

Dolls are meant to be a thing of beauty, to be treasured and played with and loved by the little girls who care for them. Claire, however, was probably meant to be right where Jill put it—in a box in the back of a storage closet. Forever.

Haunted ObjectsHaunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf, by Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg (F+W Media, 2012)

Can an object really be haunted?

The answer is a resounding yes. Discover for yourself in this eerie, spine-chilling, and alarming collection of true tales and classic stories of possessed possessions.

Unearthed by veteran ghost hunters Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg, each page of “Haunted Objects” reveals unsettling accounts of unexplained paranormal activity surrounding everyday items. From dolls to rings, these innocent looking items have disturbing tales to tell.

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