Krause releases guide to liquidating an estate

IOLA, Wis. — Standing in a crowded barn amidst 50 years of rat droppings and dust, a fiduciary just wanted Martin Codina to haul everything to the dump. Until, that is, he noticed a small sealed trash can in the corner, far heavier than expected. Lead fishing weights? Sand?

Liquidating an Estate

Liquidating an Estate by Martin Codina, available at and other book retailers.

Far from it.

Martin pried open the lid to discover $40,000 worth of silver dimes, quarters and dollars stashed since 1964. The discovery was a once-in-a lifetime find.

Or was it?

In Liquidating an Estate: How to Sell a Lifetime of Stuff, Make Some Cash, and Live to Tell About It, Martin Codina provides easy-to-follow, how-to advice on what it takes to generate the maximum amount of cash possible from the sale of personal property. Whether you are downsizing, recently divorced or the executor facing the seemingly insurmountable task, you’ll learn how to navigate the myriad of ways to clean out a home and the best questions to ask when interviewing an estate liquidation company.

“No one wants to make mistakes about how much something is worth,” author Martin Codina said. “With some assistance, homeowners or estate executors can learn how to ask the right people the right questions and form a comprehensive action plan from their answers.”

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Illustrated with often shocking real-world stories of families in need, Codina challenges our perception of hoarders, offering a fresh perspective on how families accumulate objects, why “pickers” aren’t always the best solution and where real value is often hidden in a home’s contents.

Chapters in this edition include: Can You Really Sell a Rolls Royce or a Box of Cereal at an Estate Sale?, 20 Valuable Things Not Found In Mansions, How to Interview an Estate Liquidator and The Blood Sweat and Tears of Stuff.

About Martin Codina

Martin Codina started Fine Estate Liquidation Inc., an estate liquidating company in the San Francisco Bay Area, nearly 20 years ago. Along the way, he’s discovered the “how” to selling everything from common kitchen flatware to $350,000 coin collections to the chipped and cracked dishes in the pantry. His website is

Liquidating an Estate: How to Sell a Lifetime of Stuff, Make Some Cash, and Live to Tell About It, has 288 pages, retails for $18.99 and is available at booksellers nationwide, select antiques shops and directly from the publisher (Krause Publications) online at or by calling 855-864-2579 (M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST).

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