Literary Sorbet: ‘Faked Out’ is light and refreshing

Karen Knapstein


“Faked Out” is a great summertime read for anyone with a love for antiques and art. Plus, at just $22.49 at Amazon, it’s a great investment. Check it out:

After more than 30 years in the antiques and collectibles industry, married authors Arthur Cobin and Vivien Boniuk undertook an altogether new adventure: writing an anthology of 24 fictional short stories with the common theme of antiques and art.

“Faked Out, Tales for Lovers of Antiques and Art” is a fun, fictional romp, filled with short antiques fiction stories cast with characters that share their histories and the development of their antique and art-related interests. Sometimes happy, sometimes poignant and always human, after completion, each of the authors’ tales leave you looking forward to the next story.

With well-known supporting locations like The Pier Show and Christie’s, and an interweaving actual artists’ and makers’ names, the short stories of this rich antiques fiction become even more entertaining.

When you’re relaxing this summer, whether at the beach or lounging on your front porch or in your gazebo, sit back, kick your feet up, grab that glass of lemonade (or whatever your favorite beverage may be) and crack open “Faked Out.”

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