Renown collection of vintage posters to be sold Nov. 22-24

NEW YORK – On November 22-24, Guernsey’s will conduct the second of three auctions of the legendary Dr. Hans Sachs Poster Collection. The event will be held live at New York City’s Bohemian National Hall while absentee bidders can participate by bidding on the vintage posters via,, by e-mail, mail and telephone.

vintage advertising poster

Lot # 2381 Moser, Koloman, 1899
Koloman Moser, prominent member of the Vienna Secession, created this beautiful poster. The mermaid-like woman gracefully floats into the composition, forming tiny bubbles in the water surrounding her. The rich royal blue background, compliments the brightness of the orange font creating an eye catching advertisement.

The collection, assembled from the late 1800s through the 1930s by Dr. Sachs, was thought destroyed by the Nazis when its owner was incarcerated in a concentration camp in 1938. Following the recent discovery of the collection in the vaults of a Berlin museum, more than 4,000 posters were consigned to Guernsey’s by the Sachs family while the balance will be gifted to several museums.

Dudovich Art Nouveau poster

Lot # 2205
Dudovich, Marcello, 1933
This poster exemplifies the sleek Art Nouveau style of Marcello Dudovich, regarded as one of Italy’s greatest poster artists. Image courtesy Guernsey’s Auctioneers.

Earlier this year, the first of the three Sachs auctions was conducted. More than 20 museums competed along with collectors, dealers and many others who were attracted to the posters because of their beauty, graphic power and/or their meaningful connection to the Holocaust. The works of many prominent artists are featured in these historic posters, some of which are the only known surviving examples.

The collection covers such categories as art (including very sought after posters from the Secession art movement), propaganda, travel, entertainment (dining, cabarets, theater and early film), products (from cigarette to automobiles), sports and war, with most examples either in German, French, Italian, Russian or English.

Since the first Auction, several museum exhibitions – from Miami to the Netherlands – have been held featuring posters that will be sold in November as well as the additional 1,300 examples to be sold in the final installment (early in 2014) of this unprecedented auction series.

For more information, contact Guernsey’s Auctioneers at 212-794-2280 or visit

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