RMCA eying return to Indy Antique Advertising Show


INDIANAPOLIS — For those who love vintage advertising, displays and toys, the fall Antique Advertising Show was the place to be. A record number of dealers displayed a wide variety of vintage advertising, including store displays, signage in all forms (wood, tin, porcelain and cardboard), salesman samples, early American artifacts, toys and

RMCA Terry Palmer shows off some of the many maps he displayed. (Photo courtesy RMCA)

RMCA Terry Palmer shows off some of the many maps he displayed. (Photo courtesy RMCA)

coin-operated machines.

The Indy Antique Advertising Show has built a great reputation over the last 40-plus years for being the best place to find vintage pieces. “The show was outstanding this period,” said long-time dealer/collector Gordon Addington of Chicago. “The merchandise was of the highest quality and the hard-to-find type. I made contact with several dealers who have what I look for in my collections.”

Soda fountain items included the 1910 Red Tame Cherry die-cut (see photo below), embossed tin sign with original easel back. Standing almost 3 feet tall, most of the original label was intact, reading “Cut out is a study from life by well known artist William H. McEntee. The little lady and her youthful admirer are neighbors of Mr. W. A. Zigler, in Fostoira, the home of Allen’s Red Tame Cherry. It is our hope that you will enjoy this study in contentment and it is our firm belief that if you give it a prominent place in your show window all America will drink Allen’s Ted Tame Cherry.” Bruce from Timber Ridge Antiques explained that having original paperwork enhances the value of an item; it gives the details that the company wanted to express, eliminating guesswork. In excellent condition, the piece was priced at $30,000.

Walter Scott of Baraboo, Wis., offered an 1800s patent model for theatre chairs. A patent model shows all the exact details and is in working condition – it’s simply a miniature compared to the full size. All the original documentation was included, which is very important to authenticate a patent model. The brass chairs were in original mint condition, including the purple velvet chair covering.

Advertising comes in all forms of interesting shapes like the Aladdin Lamp Genie point of purchase attention grabber. Measuring approximately 2 feet tall, a genie appears from the lamp as if to grant your every wish. Priced at $650, this display is hard to find in excellent condition.

An addition to the show this year was the Road Map Collectors Association annual convention. Club members exhibited tables of thousands of road maps that were for sale. “The RMCA enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of The Indy Show and thank everyone that came by to check out our unique road map collections. Overall, we felt it was a good partnership and we plan to be a part of the 2014 fall show,” commented Terry Palmer, board of directors.

Allen's Red Tame Cherry Tin Die CutSince promoters Bruce and Donna Weir took on the show in 2010, the number of dealers at the show has increased dramatically. “We are always interested in adding new dealers to the show,” Donna said. “Adding new dealers brings fresh merchandise and keeps it interesting for the customers.”

“At our show, you don’t have to be a full-time dealer. We understand that younger dealers still have full-time jobs and are building their businesses for the future. We came through the same avenue and understand the struggles,” she added. “We also welcome collectors that want to downsize their collections. Selling at a show is a great alternative when the time comes as the collector determines the price and has the opportunity to share the story of the item.”

Dates for the 2014 Indy Antique Advertising Shows have been set for March 14-15 and Sept. 26-27 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. Patron and dealer information is available at www.indyadshow.com or by calling Bruce Weir at 217-821-1294.

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