10 things you didn’t know about jadeite jewelry

1 A single-strand necklace of 63 jadeite beads recently sold at Christie’s for $2.9 million.

2 Besides varying hues of green, jade colors include lavender, black, ice and shades of yellow-brown-orange.

3 Jade is assigned as the modern 35th wedding anniversary gift.

4 Fashionable Chinese women often mix fine jadeite with simulated-jade costume pieces, because while jade is mysterious, it’s not to be taken too seriously.

5 Decorative hinges or connectors often serve to restore broken jade bangles, or ones with flaws and cracks. They also appear on low-quality jade for export.

6 Gem jade is mined in Burma, not China.

7 Old-stock jadeite can be found in areas across America, made available by descendants of Chinese immigrants.

8 When possible, purchase from family collections, which often feature more old-stock jade.

9 Some people prefer buying jadeite to gold as an investment.

10 The key question to ask a dealer when buying is not “Is this real jade?” but rather, “Is this untreated  ‘A’ jadeite from Burma?” If the answer is yes, ask to have that in writing.

List compiled by Kathy Flood for Antique Trader. She is a journalist, author and owner of the online antique jewelry shop, www.ChristmasTreePins.com. Her latest book, Warman’s Jewelry, 4th Edition, from Krause Publications is available at shop.collect.com or by calling 800-258-0929.


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