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For more than 40 years Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles has served collectors of all interests, backgrounds and experience by not only providing specific details about items, but also sharing the latest news and trend information that helps you understand the current climate affecting collectibles.

warman's antiques and collectibles price guideWarman’s Antiques & Collectibles 2010 Price Guide is America’s longest-running collectibles price guide and features extensive descriptions that not only give you year of production, value, size and color, it goes into key details to help you accurately identify pieces. The panel of noted authorities who provide the market reports also aid in the teaching character of this respected reference, and offer you a level of insider expertise that isn’t readily available in other books. With color coded sections, an easy-to-follow layout and 2,000+ beautiful color photographs this book delivers more of what you need, in a way you can’t help but enjoy. New to this edition is a bonus DVD tutorial which features a 30 minute hands-on demonstration about how to spot fakes and reproductions among today’s most common collectible categories. The CD comes FREE with the book.

Another antique trader antiques and collectibles price guidemust-have reference is Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2009 Price Guide. The top-selling collectibles price guide for five years running, this book is a quick, clean and easy-to-use price and identification guide. Concise captions, 5,000+ color photos and key identifying details are listed throughout. Within a few minutes of use this book will have earned its keep on your bookshelf.

These two all-encompassing books are perfect whether you’re a casual collector with a lot of items you’re wondering about, or a seasoned veteran of the antiques world who is looking for a robust reference to help you with assessment of various categories of collectibles.

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