Art Deco sculptures showcase craftsmanship and fluidity

MIAMI, Fla.—VALERIO Antiques of Coral Gables, Fla., is pleased to showcase European sculptures from some of the greatest avant-garde artists of the Art Deco period. From Atelier Hagenauer Wien and Demetre Chiparus to Maurice Guiraud-Rivière and Frederic Focht, these ingénues created pieces out of admiration for the male and female form while others specialized in wooden and metal busts. Created in a variety of bronze or mixed-media materials, these sculptures were largely inspired by society and celebrated entertainment figures of that time. Today, those same pieces are now cherished alongside the Charles Schneider’s exclusive gallery at VALERIO Antiques. 
Among the sculptures available at VALERIO Antiques are:

· Maurice Guiraud-Rivière’s Three Men Pulling on a Rope was inspired by a Belgian sculptor’s heroic depictions of manual laborers during the late 1800s. This bronze sculpture portrays a group of straining nude figures pulling an imaginably heavy object though it’s not represented in the sculpture. The figures’ muscles are sculpted and pronounced in this exquisite masterpiece created in France during the 1920s. 

· Frederic Focht’s L’Aviation or The Aviator is a perfect portrayal of a man reaching for the heavens. Created in 1930 in France, the patinated bronze sculpture on a black marble base shows a man riding a shooting star with arms wide open and wings in flight above silver waves.

· Atelier Hagenauer Wien’s Bust with One Ear is a nickel-platted metal face and a Woman’s Face is hand-carved on wood with a metal cape and bracelet.  The busts were created by the world-renowned Austrian sculptor in the 1930s. 

· Demetre Chiparus’s The Egyptian Dancer is a gilded bronze sculpture while The Vedette Dancer is a patinated bronze sculpture, both on a marble base. The Romanian artist was known for his creative bronze and ivory pieces inspired by Russian ballet dancers, ancient Egyptian art and French theatre.
VALERIO Antiques has seen a remarkable interest in these sculptures lately, both from a decorative, as well as an investment standpoint. Most recently VALERIO Antiques sold Maurice Guiraud-Rivière’s La Comète or The Comet, a piece made during the years of 1925-1930 in Paris, France. The Comet is considered one of Maurice’s greatest works.  The patinated and silvered bronze sculpture on a black marble base is of a young woman shooting through a sky of stylized clouds with her long tresses imitating a comet’s tail. 
After participating in The Miami Beach Antique Show and the International Fine Art Fair, VALERIO has seen an increase in interest from consumers looking for safe and secure investments. “It’s obvious consumers want to invest in something tangible instead of the stock markets that have failed them,” stated gallery director Waltford Gonzalez.  “Who wouldn’t want to invest in an antique? They’re absolutely breathtaking and they maintain their value, how many stocks and bonds can you say that about?” adds Gonzalez. 
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