Ask Antique Trader: Dix autobiography valued at $100

I have a book titled “Dorothy Dix — Her Book,” second edition, Funk & Wagnalls Publisher, 1927. There is a photo of her and her autograph. Some damage to the cover. Any value?
— S.B.

For those too young, Dorothy Dix (1861-1951) was the Ann Landers of her Day, writing advice columns and books. It was her pseudonym for Elizabeth Meriwether Gillner. She was widely known for her help with the mentally ill. Your book is rare, and even as a second edition it could sell in a bookstore for $100 or more

I have many old dishes — mostly Havilland and Limoges — in good condition, which I have recently inherited. I am a senior citizen and would like to know how to go about disposing of them if they have any value.
— M.L., Rexville, N.Y.

There are several ways to sell your dishes. First, you need to know their value and this requires hiring an appraiser who will charge you a fee. Another is to consign them to a local auction house, asking them first for an estimated value. The third approach is to donate them to a church rummage sale for a tax write off. You could always contact a reputable antique dealer and put them in the shop as a consignment.

I am an avid collector of Guardian Service Cookware and am interested in the items that were given as “hostess gifts.” I would like to know how many items were made and any source.
— S.S., Herndon, Pa.

Century Metalcraft Corporation of Los Angeles originally made your hammered aluminum cookware with glass covers from 1932 to 1965, when the plant burned down. You can find answers on the Internet.

Sites such as list every piece ever made.

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Anne Gilbert is a nationally syndicated columnist, author of eight antiques and collectibles books, and is well known for her lectures to business and professional groups. She is a member of the Newspaper Features Council and Society of Illustrators. She can be reached via e-mail at

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