Perfumes Past and Present

antique perfume bottle
Whether its decorative or commercial perfume bottles, the desire for these exquisite pieces of art and fine fragrances seems to be evergreen. While things have changed since the turn of the 20th century when women would bring empty bottles to their local apothecary to be filled with her favorite fragrance, you can still see the passion for this form of pampering yet today. It’s what draws women of all ages, as well as men, to perfume counters and fragrance sections in stores around the world, to test a scent against their skin.

Created from mold-blown teal blue glass, this eight-sided hourglass cologne bottle features a tooled lip and smooth base. It’s valued at $840.

For as long as women and men have used perfumes and colognes there have been many for whom appreciation for perfume includes the classic container it comes in. Some of the most famous glassmakers including Moser, Lalique, Galle and Baccarat are know for their breathtaking perfume bottle designs. In fact, at its December connoisseur auctions, Mastro Auctions reported steady bidding on a selection of over 100 perfume bottles. Among the highlights from the auction, was a rare Art Deco bottle by Baccarat Hennessy for “A Night in Havana” fragrance that ended at $8,400 (expected to sell for $3,000-$4,000), according to a press release issued by the auction house.

perfume bottles price guideIn addition, the auction saw a 1922 Lalique Jardinee Perfume bottle for Volnay sell for $2,250 and a 1920 Lalique Amphitrite figurine and shell perfume bottle sell for $1,900, among others.

Whether it’s the identity of a bottle you’re looking for, or the value of one in your family for generations, or simply a desire to know more about this exciting hobby, the new book, Antique Trader® Perfume Bottles Price Guide is a must-have reference. Filled with nearly 1,000 stunning color photos and 1,200 detailed descriptions, as well as appendices with perfume scent names and makers, this guide is a beautiful arrangement of perfume bottles from the past and the present, from the high-scale to the affordable.

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