Business Profile: Find more than just antiques here

Not Just Antiques Mart is the first Antique & Collectibles consignmnet mall in Las Vegas. There are a few furniture consignment stores in Las Vegas; but until now no one has featured antiques and collectibles – and it must be needed as the 12,000-square-foot mall is bursting with amazing finds.

Owners are Renee Poole and daughter, Jessica Poole. Renee owns an estate liquidation company, but opened Not Just Antiques Mart because she wanted to be able to handle calls from people who did not have large estates to liquidate – and wanted to be able to offer them a place where their lifelong treasures could be found and appreciated.

With Renee Poole’s estate liquidation company on the premises, Not Just Antiques Mart takes treasure hunting to a new dimension. She brings the smaller estate sales to the property – pricing the inventory anywhere from $1 up.

“If Renee is not out getting an on-site sale ready – you’ll usually you’ll find her in the back of the store, sitting on the floor, opening new bins and tagging items, to get it ready for sale on the floor.”

Not Just Antiques Mart is a mother-daughter endeavor that began in 2005, in the arts district of downtown – a bit off the main road. It is in a refurbished two story building and is clean and bright.

The mall even has a tea room available on the second floor. The tea room is open for parties and high tea by reservation. For mall customers, the Pooles have snacks and drinks available.

There are themed rooms for fun shopping such as the Tikki Room, Shabby Chic, Books & Coins, Clothes, Oriental, Victorian, and of course, the traditional rooms with just a wonderful assortment of treasures of all eras. There are many leased spaces so the combination is a winner. Las Vegas agreed by naming them the Review Journal Best of Las Vegas, 2007.

Not Just Antiques Mart holds collector classes each month (except August). If you want to share knowledge about your collection, free ongoing mini-seminars are held. Call for information.

Renee offers free appraisals the first Sunday of each month and free coin and currency appraisals the second Sunday of each month.
Not Just Antiques is located at 1422 Western Ave. and is open daily 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday Noon-6 p.m. For more information, call 702-384-4922 or visit

Oh oh, there’s another truck pulling up with what looks like some great items….here comes Renee…..