Celebrate 70 Years of Comic Book Fandom

In 1000 Comic Books You Must Read readers take an unforgettable journey through than 70 years of comic books, complete with highlights of the little pieces that make these comics great. Of course in a world as big as comic books, creating a list of must-read selections can be tough, just ask author Tony Isabella whose initial response was “only a thousand?” However, the list he compiled is truly something to behold. This book represents nearly every genre of comic book, includes many obvious choices (Action Comics #1 June, 1938 – the first appearance of Superman), and a number of comic books even the most experienced and seasoned collectors may not have heard of.

From the first page to the back cover, this book showcases information you won’t find anywhere else and is a true celebration of comic book fandom. Organized by decade, each new era features an introduction of the comic book highlights of that decade, and in addition each listing features a comic book cover, the name of the writer, artist, and publisher, date it was issued, along with Tony Isabella’s intriguing, insightful, and clever reasoning for including it in the book. For example, the reason Isabella selected 1962’s Superman #156 was quite obvious.

“Superman is dying. His “final” message to mankind – carved on the moon with his waning heat vision – sums up everything I love about the greatest comics’ hero of them all: “Do good to others and every man can be a Superman,” writes Isabella. Then there’s the Marvel 1602 #1 of 2003, of which Isabella writes “Familiar heroes and villains are coming into being centuries before their proper time, putting the universe itself at dire risk. With many surprises, this eight-issue series is brilliantly written and boasts splendid visuals worthy of that brilliance.”

Even among all of these superbly illustrated pages, stunning photographs of cover art and fascinating details, Isabella has the ability to share what he considers the greatest comic book of all time. But, before you get that far you’ll find that Isabella’s introduction is more inviting than anything else, as he writes: “This book is my journey through seven decades of comic books. Oh, the places we’ll go, the remarkable characters we’ll meet, the laughs and the thrills we’ll share, including my pick for the greatest comic book ever! Fire up the Batmobile. This is gonna be one sweet ride.”

1000 comic books you must readOf course because tastes and interests vary, especially in comic books, Tony Isabella invites readers to post their opinions about the 1000 selected, including titles they believe should have been included, at 1000ComicBooksYouMustRead.com.

1000 Comic Books You Must Read has something for all ages. From the life-long comic book collector or dealer, to the young fan with a fascination for movies like Spider-Man, Batman, and The Hulk, this book provides a look at the past, present, and future of comic books and the heroes/heroines/characters and stories that started it all.

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