Do You Know Your Depression?

With a multitude of upcoming auctions, both live and online, listing Depression glass among their lots, there’s little to be depressed about when it comes to this continuously popular category of collectible glass.

In fact, a blue Mayfair relish dish recently sold for $46 on e-Bay, according to Pamela Wiggins’ Aug. 3 posting on her Antiques site. Meanwhile, other auction houses and online sites report sales of anywhere from $5 for a Queen Mary, Royal Ruby ashtray, to upwards of $415 for an Adam, green butter dish.

Today’s Depression glass market, celebrated as an affordable introduction to collecting, is an exciting page in the interesting history of this unique glass. Noted for being part of the industrial revolution that helped lift the U.S. out of the Great Depression, this collectible glass only cost a few cents in the beginning, and it was a popular premium given away with the purchase of other goods. The same glass bowl packaged in a box of laundry detergent in the 1940s could be worth hundreds of dollars today.

The question is with so many patterns, how do you know what style you have, which company made it, what it’s worth, and if it’s real or fake?

Extensive research within the Depression glass collecting community has helped maintain the history and Warman’s® Depression Glass, 4th Edition, brings the history and pricing together in an answer-packed guide. With 500 stunning color photos, identifying details, thumbnail pattern guide and detailed pattern illustration at the start of each section, company and color timeline, and 5,000+ current price listings for 170 of the most popular Depression glass patterns, this book not only celebrates the devotion to Depression glass, it supports it.

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