From the Editor: Every ‘ingredient’ is important in any recipe

By Antoinette Rahn

As we were putting together the Nov. 25, 2015 edition of “Trader”, it reminded me of cooking. Each ingredient in the “recipe” plays an important part in creating something enjoyable. Too much or too little of one thing or another can change the overall product/dish in big and small ways.

Perhaps with the holidays upon us I have cooking and baking on the brain a little too much. But this edition (like most) combines nostalgia, practical collecting and selling tips, information about collector 112515events and antiquing opportunities, advice for identifying and assessing value of items and appealing imagery. See, each ingredient matters. What if we went overboard with the nutmeg in the pumpkin pie? Perish the thought!

In any event, Print Editor Karen Knapstein, the head chef if you will, incorporates a hearty helping of nostalgia in this issue, including the cover story by Doug Koztoski about wintertime playthings and an excerpt from the new book “Collecting Children’s Books.” Doug’s article brings us back to the days of cruising down snowy hills on sleds and toboggans and taking to make-shift skating ponds courtesy of Mother Nature and sometimes with a little help from a parent and a garden hose. The excerpt from the new book by Noah Fleisher and Lauren Zittle discusses the special inspiration for the book and the ability for all to enjoy children’s books both as collectors and fans of literature.

Wayne Jordan’s Behind the Gavel contains easy-to-follow and substantial advice about the benefits blogging can provide antique businesses. Here’s a taste of Wayne’s sage advice about blogging: “Blogging is like money in the bank: Every blog post is a deposit that will earn interest, and the principal is always there. Those deposits will build until you dominate search engine results in your market area. When your business dominates search engine results for your keywords, your sales and profits increase.”

In addition to the calendar of events and auction and show previews, you’ll find a couple more essential ingredients of the robust recipe of this edition. The post-auction report of Cowan’s Auctions Oct. 17 Fine and Decorative Art Auction showcases images of several breathtaking items sold during the auction, along with valuable historical details about many stand-out lots of the sale.

We hope you enjoy this helping of Antique Trader, and that your holiday season is off to a joyous start.


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