Ideas in Action: New technology allows you to register antiques, jewelry, art, valuables

It’s 12:30 AM. Do you know where your bridal line is? Hopefully in the safe. But in the case of theft, you’d have few ways of identifying the stolen goods—until now. If you sell directly to consumers or have a line on the road with one of your sales reps, you may want to consider registering and tagging it.  New York City–based Neglia Services has partnered with the Fine Art Registry (FAR) to use FAR’s patent-pending identification system to permanently register fine jewelry and gemstones in a global Web database.

The system, which was developed by FAR founder and CEO Theresa Franks, consists of two parts. The first part involves applying a numbered identification tag to a jewelry item or gemstone.

There are two tagging options: A small self-adhesive Micro-tag that is the size of a period on your keyboard, or an inscription laser engraved
directly on the jewelry piece or gemstone. The Micro-tag cannot be steamed off but can be removed without damaging the item; however,
if removed, the tag is rendered useless and leaves identifiable traces behind. This is the same technology that the FBI uses to trace explosives.

The second part of the system is the central database of the FAR, which houses detailed information about each tagged item, including photos
and a description. The person registering the item tags it, enters the information into the database, and decides whether or not to make the
records publicly accessible. The registration gets passed along to the consumer with sale of the item, making it a unique marketing tool.

“This tagging system gives designers who sell direct to consumers, manufacturers with samples that go out on the road with sales reps,
and retailers a way to recover stolen property by installing a tracing device on each item,” says Richard Neglia, owner of Neglia Services. “In addition, it provides the insurance company with a detailed list of the insured’s inventory to validate a claim in the case of loss. And because the registration passes along to the consumer with the sale of the tagged item, retailers can use the system in their sales and marketing.”

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