Is Luck on Your Side?

Whether your passion is pottery and ceramics, Civil War memorabilia, Bean plush collectibles, perfume bottles, antique dolls or fishing lures, there’s always a little something for every interest in the world of collecting. A good way to gain the edge in identifying and assessing values to items you own, or research those you hope to earn is to stock up your library with reliable, diverse and easy-to-use references and resources.

Among the newest arrivals and most-talked about items in the Krause Publications line of resources:

Petretti’s Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide – This 12th edition of the ultimate Coca-Cola collector’s book features everything from calendars and bottles to toys, clocks and advertising items in full-color photos. If you’ve been collecting Coca-Cola items for decades, or are generally interested in this American icon, this book is sure to inspire you. 648 pages, 2,000 color and 3,000 b&w photos

american premium guide to knives and razorsAmerican Premium Guide to Knives & Razors – Another new edition, this reference is the most comprehensive guide to collectible cutlery available today. With identifying details, 2,500 photos and current pricing for pocket knives, fixed blade knives and straight razors there’s no question this book has your blades covered. Whether you’re a fan of Case, Crandall or Queen/Schatt & Morgan, you’ll be captivated by this exciting guide. In addition, a bonus CD with the electronic pages of the book is included in the book, and the CD is also sold separately. Either way, this resource is a great way to have your razor-sharp expertise with you wherever you go. 503 pages, 2,000 b&w and 250 color photos

Collectible DollsFeaturing a variety of dolls from 100 of the most significant companies or types, showcased in 550 color photos, this compact collector’s companion is a great guide for every doll collector. The perfect size to take with you to auctions, shows and estate sales, this book is packed with information to help you make smart buying and selling decisions about delicate dolls. 272 pages, 700 color photos

Heads or Tailsheads or tails coin collecting – The first step to enjoying coin collecting is to understand the world which you’re entering. This new CD takes you through the basics and the background of this exciting hobby including starting a collecting, understanding how coins are made, proper handling of coins, acquiring coins, classifying coin condition, and identifying common coins. Simple to search, with easy-to-enlarge electronic pages, this CD is a great guide for every beginner. 17 chapters, with a glossary or terms.

Watches – This tell-all about timepieces of the past and present captures the essence of watches in stunning photographs, and provides the details to help you identify and assess those you have in your own collection. A collectible many people have without even realizing it, watches tell a lot about he world in which we live and lived. Explore listings and photos of watches from Bulova, Gruen, Hamilton, Waltham, Longines, Omega and Rolex. 272 pages, 1,000 color photos

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