A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Morgan John Stirling is 13 years old and a 7th grade middle school student with a stunning start on a very large Star Wars collection. When I dropped onto this young man’s planet he was in his bedroom cleaning and arranging his vast assortment of Star Wars action figures and multitudes of Star Wars toys and collectibles. Entering this small room is a total immersion Star Wars experience; three walls are neatly packed with pride from floor to ceiling with Star Wars items of all sizes.

“The first Star Wars thing I collected was when I was seven years old, and it was a really old storm trooper action figure. My Dad and I went to a flea market one day where he picked out the storm trooper for me and I really liked it. After that I got T shirts and books from my Dad and the collection just kept growing.”

Young Jedi Master Stirling says that his best source for procuring Star Wars memorabilia is the Mile High Flea Market in Denver. “I buy from a guy named Mo, he has his own Star Wars booth at the flea market. I go every other weekend. Sometimes we’re short on cash so my Dad shows me how to barter for things.”

“I want my collection to be known as the Morgan John Stirling Star Wars Collection, and sizewise, I want it to go through the roof!” Stirling emphasizes. “I hope to someday need a big warehouse to keep my collection in.”

“My favorite thing in my collection is the AT AT Imperial Walker that makes noises,” beams Stirling, I just love the battle scenes in Star Wars movies, and that’s where the focus of my collection is at present. I’d like to add more toys and action figures in boxes to increase the value of my collection,” he comments, “but I definitely believe in playing with what you’ve got!” he exclaims, eyes ablaze.

When queried as to his favorite Star Wars movie, he thinks long and hard for several minutes before saying, The Empire Strikes Back, and my favorite scene from that movie is when Bobba Fett is standing by in the carbonation room waiting for Han Solo to get carbonated.” Should there be more Star Wars movies made? “Of course!” replies Stirling.

“As far as my favorite Star Wars creature it is the TaunTaun that Luke Skywalker rides from The Empire Strikes Back.” Morgan flies over to his shelf, picks up the TaunTaun (New in Box) from his shelf to show what he means.

His favorite human character in any Star Wars movie? Stirling takes his time preparing a long thoughtful answer. “That is SOOOO hard, so my top four are Bobba Fett, Commander Fox (from the animated TV series “The Clone Wars”), Jango Fett and Han Solo. I would love to meet any and/or all of the actors and actresses from any of the Star Wars movies. And I think Jar Jar Binks is the funniest person in the whole world, I like him! But he’s really not a person, is he?

“Did I tell you that one of my favorite things to do with my collection is to create dioramas as backgrounds for playing with my collectible action figures? That is such a blast. I’ve made dozens of them.”

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Stirling says “I’ve answered that question in the past with ‘astronaut,’ but right now I want to be an archaeologist and dig up ancient artifacts.”

As I prepared to return to my earthly coordinates from interviewing this young collector with stars in his eyes, young Master Stirling added that he would love to meet other serious collectors of Star Wars memorabilia.

Asked if someone out there in the galaxy wishes to donate Star Wars curiosities to help him achieve his collecting goals, Morgan exclaims “that would be AWESOME!”

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