New Hobbies for the New Year

For as long as there have been people and “stuff,” there has been the practice and passion of collecting. Some famous folks like Jay Leno have large-scale collections, while others like actress Reese Witherspoon, who reportedly collects antique linens; Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is said to collect antique books, and Judith Chapman, who is said to collect antique kimonos, collect smaller-scale items, but treasures all the same. In fact, there are still others like King Henry the Eighth who, with his six wives, it could be said took collecting to another whole level entirely.

In any event, according to various sources which provide suggestions for new-years resolutions, becoming a collector, rediscovering your collector roots, or helping someone else find their own inner collector, is a popular option for goal-achieving success in 2009. Of course it helps when the most popular rule in collecting is: Collect what you love and are passionate about. A couple great places to find out what others are collecting, help new collectors connect with other collectors are and

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