Over the river, through the woods to Scott Antique Markets

Scott Antique Markets continues to be the gathering place for thousands of vendors and antique shoppers from around the globe. Don Scott, owner and CEO of Scott Antique Markets, offers not only one market but two to accommodate antique vendors and enthusiasts. Scott Antique Markets in Atlanta, Ga., is the largest monthly antique market in the world, offering a complete assortment of antique goods that is truly a treasure hunter’s paradise as well as an exciting stock market alternative!

Vendors from around the world converge on the Atlanta Expo Centers the second weekend of each month offering the finest investment-quality antiques and rare treasures. You will find everything from jewelry to furniture or vintage clothing to exquisite Tiffany lamps. Whatever it is you are seeking, you are sure to find it at the Atlanta market. With more than 2,800 exhibitor booths displaying wares at this market, you will find yourself shopping in two massive buildings located just off I-285 on Jonesboro Road.

The Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, is also home to Scott Antique Markets from November through March, and offers an abundance of antiques that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The Ohio market is the largest indoor antique market in the Midwest with over 800 exhibitor booths. This is truly a market you won’t want to miss.

This year marks 20 years of service to antique vendors and enthusiasts for the Columbus market. Scott opened the Ohio market in 1989 which took the area by storm and it has continued to grow into the largest indoor antique market in the Midwest. Located off I-71, this market is just minutes from downtown Columbus, making it easily accessible and hard to miss.

Every year thousands of antique enthusiasts visit Scott Antique Markets seeking the finest of investment quality antiques for their homes or business. Buyers find items from America and Europe as well as many other countries. The size and influence of the two markets is known throughout the world and has made such an impact on vendors as well as buyers that it has become a first-class destination for the best antiques.   

If you’re an antiques aficionado or appreciate artifacts from earlier days, Scott Antique Markets is a great way to step back in time. Be aware though, these two markets are so large, you will want to make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes while shopping for those antique bargains. Without a doubt, Scott Antique Markets in Columbus is a mystical and enchanting place for antique enthusiasts of all ages and certainly one of the most impressive antique events in the Midwest.

The market is very popular with interior decorators, designers, shop owners and collectors who just love to shop for antiques. And while some businesses may be on the downslide with the economy, Scott Antique Markets is the perfect way to invest your money and an exciting stock market alternative as well. For more information on the markets, call 740-569-4112 or visit our Web site at www.scottantiquemarket.com.


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