Served up fresh: splendid salmon labels

Canned salmon labels
athlete salmon label
$5-$10, 1930s, image of Greek athlete performing a long jump.  A nice example of a more common affordable label with a good image.
columbia river salmon
$40-$65, 1890s, great image of Statue of Liberty, very ornate printing typical of this period of time.
butterfly red salmon
$20-$30, 1930s nice image of butterfly, another Alaska Packers label
clematis alaska pink salmon
$25-50, 1910s.  Interesting in that the same brand with two designs.  The blue has a Alaska address and could be a bit older, with the red being a new design, many Fidalgo Island Packing labels have the gold V.  Often colors, design changes or brands were used to designate the product or even the locations the end product would be marketed in.   
cleopatra salmon
$100-$125, 1920s, Put up by Pyramid Packing out of Sitka Alaska.  Their brands reflected the companies name and often used Egyptian themed brands.  Also labels with actual Alaska addresses command more value.   Generally they are older, as companies consolidated you often would find larger cities like Seattle or San Francisco as the address since this would the corporation’s headquarters.  A good example is Alaska Packers out of San Francisco.
cycle brand salmon
$50-$75 1900s.  Victorian women on bicycle, ornate flowers and wheel, another nice crossover collectible
faust brand salmon
$25-50, 1910s, devil like image from the classic German legend about a man who makes a pact with the devil
americo salmon
Americo Brand Salmon Label
canoe brand red salmon
Canoe Brand Red Salmon Label
All images courtesy of Dwayne Rogers,