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Just in time for the holidays, comes the perfect tool for teaching, collecting, storing and displaying: the debut line of Warman’s Coin Folders. With the U.S. Mint’s recent coin programs bringing coin collecting to the mainstream, and interest from younger and a greater number of collectors what better way to encourage collecting, while teaching about U.S. history? Look to these Warman’s folders to house these popular coin series:

Warman’s Coin Folders
coin folder
presidential dollar coin folder

• Presidential Dollars 2007-2016
• State/Territorial Quarters 1999-2009
• Lincoln Cents 1959-2009
• Lincoln Cents 1909-1958
• Washington Quarters 1959-2009
• Washington Quarters 1932-1958
• Roosevelt Dimes 1965-2009
• Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964
• Jefferson Nickels 1968-2009
• Jefferson Nickels 1938-1967
• Kennedy Half Dollars 1987-2008
• Kennedy Half Dollars 1964-1986

In addition to being a safe, organized way to store and exhibit each date in a series for the novice and seasoned collector alike, Warman’s folders provide background and historical information as well as coin specifications including weight, diameter, thickness, edge type and composition. Because of their larger size and greater number of slots, fewer folders are needed to house a series. Two special folders in the series, the State Quarters and Presidential Dollars Deluxe folders, contain more educational detail and slots for both the Philadelphia and Denver mints for each date in the series.

Basic folders cost $4.99 each, and the deluxe are $7.99 each. Check out the new folders at Plus, when you order 2 or more folders by Dec. 1 you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING*. Be sure to include Coupon Code ATRBART112409 when ordering your folders to ensure your savings.

*Free shipping is available to U.S. addresses only.


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