Trek Takes Philly

There’s no question Star Trek’s popularity remains strong, and as time goes on the collectible nature of this legendary franchise continues to gain attention. As thousands flock to the Franklin Institute to witness and experience Star Trek: The Exhibition (open thru Sept. 20) the world cherished by Trekkers around the world takes another step into the lime light.

At 12,500 feet in size, celebrating all five television and 10 film series in Star Trek’s 40 year history, the exhibit is second-to-none in its comprehensive celebration of the Star Trek world. The features of the exhibit garnering the most attention are the Next Generation Bridge, engine room, and Capt. Kirk’s original chair, and the related Star Trek Simulator ride, according to institute reports. In Trekker fashion the bridge of the exhibit also served as the matrimonial site for two Trek fans who vowed to “boldly go” with one another for as long as they both shall live. The wedding was the winning prize of a contest where the finalists were voted on by the public.Twenty-five thousand votes later a couple who met at a Star Trek convention in Chicago and engaged at a Star Trek convention in New Jersey, earned the most votes and became Mr. and Mrs. on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise in July.

star trek the collectiblesThis kind of devotion is what has kept Trekkers tuning in to the Star Trek television series’, flocking to theaters for new movies in the series, including the May release “Star Trek” which has earned more than $400 million, and picking up artifacts, memorabilia and countless Star Trek collectibles. The beauty of Star Trek collectibles is the versatility and connectedness of each item, be it a pewter stein, action figure, sleeping bag, toys, videos, trading cards, spoons, min-globes, and many others. In the popular Star Trek The Collectibles book, author Steve Kelley takes you inside in his own collection, and to the details behind countless Star Trek collectibles, memorabilia and artifacts. In addition to the book, Kelley also helped create The Unofficial Guide to Star Trek Collectibles magazine.

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