The Allure of Lures

There’s a lot to be said for a good fishing tale, especially if there’s a great hook that reels you in and nets you. All puns aside, the history of collectible fishing lures is rich and deep, and one that continues to grow as new collectors are lured in.

For some collectors it’s a continuation or a diversification of their love of fishing, while others become interested with the discovery of a family collection, and still others find it therapeutic. Such is the case for Larry Sundvall of Estherville, Iowa, whose story of finding stress relief in fishing lures following heart bypass surgery at the age of 45, was a popular feature of the Austin Daily Herald.

old fishing lures and tackleStill for others, like long-time collector Joe Yates, owner of Joe’s Old Lures, the passion for collecting came from a love of fishing and gifts from his grandfather.

“I grew up fishing. And I always had a few old lures – several came from my grandfather – and I just decided one day that they were pretty pieces of art as well and it would be neat to have a collection of them,” said Yates, in a recent article in Collectors Weekly. “I went out and started looking for them and got collecting that way. That was about 20 years ago.”

Both men mention the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club as a gateway to expanding interest and knowledge, and connecting with fellow lure and tackle enthusiasts. The club, with a membership of 4,500+, was founded in 1976. One of its many resources is its plentiful calendar of collector shows/gatherings and meetings. Within the first three months of 2009 there are six shows already on the NFLCC calendar.

warman's sporting collectiblesIn addition to all the information about lures, lure locations, lure prices and lure identities available on the Internet, many lure collectors turn to reliable references such as Old Fishing Lures & Tackle, or more commonly known as “Luckey’s,” in honor of the original author, the late Carl F. Luckey, and Warman’s Sporting Collectibles by Russell E. Lewis, former owner of an online lure business with 50-plus years as a lure collector.

“Collecting lures is a fun and fantastic enterprise; lures are part of our material culture that tells great stories about our past and our fishing,” Lewis said in the introduction to his new guide, Collectible collectible fishing luresFishing Lures.

Lewis’ new book, a compact and comprehensive guide, has a lot to offer both the average and experienced lure collector. With updated pricing and identifying details, including 750+ color photos of lures from the legendary Big 6 as well as other lure companies, this guide is a true companion for any collector.

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