The Season for Toys Approaches

Santa Claus, Rudolph and the gang might still be recovering somewhere from their one-night whirlwind delivery in December, but for toy makers, buyers and sellers the big event is next month at the 106th International Toy Fair. Although closed to the public, this one event is said to set the tone for the toy world in the coming year, and whet the appetites of collectors and anyone with a love of toys.

toys and prices If Toy Fair 2009 proves to be anything like 2008 the excitement about toys will be at a fever pitch. Opening day of the 2008 Toy Fair saw 30% growth in attendance over 2007 opening day, and 10% growth in attendance overall in 2008 with more than 18,300 manufacturers, buyers and media representative in attendance, according to a press release issued by the Toy Industry of America.

Since it’s impossible to track all the toys coming from all the countries of the world in one year, Toy Fair makes that possible, said Tom Bartsch, contributing editor of Toys & Prices 2009, and former Toy Fair attendee.

“This venue provides an atmosphere to see the latest technology and trends in toys,” Bartsch said. “You can always tell what movies or TV shows are expected to make a big impact ahead of time based on the product lines associated with them.”

O'brien's collecting toys With more than 7,000 new products expected to be unveiled at the show, by companies from more than 323 countries, there’s no doubt the excitement generated at the show and shared by the media, is mirrored by general toy enthusiasts and collectors.
“This is often the first look at what will be offered for a particular license or line,” Bartsch said. “Sometimes you don’t see the item available until December of the following year. So anticipation is there, preorders start to come in, and if it’s based on an older brand, the interest in the original line grows, bumping up their secondary market value.”

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