Uncovered a good collecting mystery lately?

Coins are far from the only thing “circulating” in the collecting hobby. Whenever the past is the focus, there are usually a few good tales to be found. Some are terrifically truthful and some are marvelous myths passed on from collector to collector, generation after generation.

Fascinating Facts, Mysteries & Myths about U.S. Coins
Fascinating Facts, Myths and Mysteries About U.S. Coins

In the new book Fascinating Facts, Myths and Mysteries About U.S. Coins you’ll encounter a variety of intriguing and entertaining stories from the vault of U.S. coin history. While some are truths, as unique as they may be, there are just as many myths, as well as mysteries that simply haven’t been confirmed one way or the other. However, all are just as interesting to read about today, as they were when they first made the rumor mill.

For example, there’s the story about the Ford Motor Company offering to give a car to anyone who found a copper 1943 cent. While it was a rare coin to find at the time, simply because the U.S. Mint changed from a copper composition to a zinc-coated steel version for that one year, the free Ford story was just a myth. How about the story of noted numismatist J. Sanford Saltus’ untimely death while cleaning his coins in 1922? At a time when coin cleaning wasn’t frowned upon, it’s said Saltus, president of the British Numismatic Society, was using potassium cyanide to clean silver coins he had just purchased and had ordered a bottle of ginger ale when he retired to his room that evening. Come the next day a glass with the poison and another with ginger ale were found on the dressing table of his room with a deceased Saltus beside them, according to the Numismatist, the respected magazine for members of the most noted coin collecting group in the U.S., the American Numismatic Association It’s believed while cleaning his coins Saltus mistakenly drank the poison instead of the ginger ale.

Among other facts, myths and mysteries featured in this book is the story of professed plagiarism in the design of the Roosevelt dime; rampant rumor of a recall of the 1938 Jefferson nickel because of what appeared to be the White House without an American flag – but in reality it was Jefferson’s home, Monticello and not the White House; truth and tales behind the redesign of the Standing Liberty quarter, and heated debate over the true identity of the models of the Indian Head nickel. With so many stories to go around this book touches on some of the most noted and possibly notorious, while encouraging anyone with an interest in collecting to take a closer look at the past to discover how the present came to be.

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