Humble beginnings lead to historic popularity

At a time when the U.S. was looking for a bright spot during bleak days Depression glass brought a smile to the faces of many, with its brilliant colors, stunning and diverse patterns and affordability.

From housewives who found a new piece in every soap box, or received one as a gift during “dish night” at the local theater, and new brides who found beauty and affordability in Depression glass as she set up her new home, the legacy of this dynamic type of glass is remarkable.

“Because of advancements in glassware technology, Depression-era patterns were mass-produced and could be had for a fraction of what cut glass or lead crystal cost,” writes Ellen T. Schroy, in her introduction to the new fifth edition of Warman’s® Depression Glass. “It was a time when chemicals and raw materials were measured by the scoop of a front-end loader, and not a handful of this or that to a small batch.”

With countless auction houses and online auction sites seeing a steady interest and submission of Depression glass pieces, prices vary considerably and knowing what you have and what its worth is essential. Within individual patterns alone prices can vary from $10 to more than $1,000 depending on the style, year of production and condition.

The new edition of Schroy’s respected Depression glass reference combines rich history with beautiful photography, and updated pricing – established through extensive research and compilation of data from auctions, dealers, Internet sites and more. A key component of this reliable reference is the inclusion of pattern and shape information. Early on in the book you’ll find a shape guide with a variety of Depression glass shapes, and the innovative thumbnail pattern guide. These two sections are key assets of this comprehensive Depression glass guide. You’ll also discover detailed pattern illustrations at the beginning of each new type of Depression glass.

With coverage of Depression glass from 1920 to the late 1970s, Warman’s® Depression Glass is an authoritative and entertaining reference. Plus, this new edition features a hardcover packaging. As a special bonus, when you order a copy of this book by Aug. 3, you can select a FREE Warman’s Field Guide. Just include Coupon Code ATRBART72809.