Who needs gold when you have silver?

For some, silver’s popularity is based largely on market price, and like much of the precious metals market silver’s value has been on a bit of a rollercoaster the last year. It reached a 20-year high of nearly $20 per ounce in August of 2008, down to $8-$10 per ounce in December, and a price of around $14.40-$14.85 Monday morning, June 15, 2009.

There are many who caution against purchasing or eyeing collectibles largely as investment opportunities, and instead advise to remain true to collecting or building a collection because you are intrigued by the subject and find joy in owning an a piece of history.

Regardless if its collecting for interest or investment, it’s what keeps traffic in the sterling silver flatware section of eBay going strong, and stirs intrigue among collectors. It’s the same interest that was expected to draw bids upwards of $10,000 on a circa 1858 scarce French flatware service for 12, during a June 14 auction at the Austin Auction Gallery.

Warman's Sterling Silver FlatwareIn his new edition of Warman’s® Sterling Silver Flatware author Phil Dreis discusses all of these various factors affecting the world of silver, and much more. From silver’s market value and the popularity of certain flatware patterns, to the changing tastes of today’s collectors, you gain a well rounded view of the factors impacting silver flatware today. Once you’ve processed the extensive introduction there are 421 more pages with pattern indexes, repair and maintenance tips. and listings upon listings of sterling silver flatware to enjoy. Arranged by maker, each section begins with a brief history of the company, including a photo of the makers’ mark if available. Each listing is further divided by pattern, then by serving piece, and each item includes the size and current price. As the third generation owner of the family business, Antique Cupboard, Dreis brings his expertise and lifelong passion for sterling silver flatware to every component of this new edition, including the selection of items for the special 16-page color section of this book.

Whether yours is a flatware set you inherited or one you purchased, it’s worth knowing the value of what you own, and Warman’s® Sterling Silver Flatware has the answers. With listings for sterling silver flatware by more than 800 makers, both American and European makers, it is the most comprehensive catalog of its kind.

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