AT Inbox: Letters to the Antique Trader editor

What do you think of an Antiques Week in the US?

Wouldn’t that be fighting with the antiques weeks we already have in NYC (January) and Philadelphia (April) and New Hampshire (August)? What would be the focus: shows, museum exhibits, auctions, TV shows?

Would the focus be Americana? The culture and history behind things? I’m seeing possibilities as I write this, but how to get so many disparate organized interests on the same page seems formidable.

Charlie, via the Antique Trader Blog

Is it appropriate to give antiques as gifts?

I have found that all of the recipients of gifts acquired through the purchase of items that have been well considered for their collecting tastes (i.e., antiques) are far more appreciative of the thought given in to the search for a gift unique to the recipient. For instance, a box of stationery from a long torn down hotel in a community where the person grew up, a collectible old poster from the college where one attended, vintage National Park souvenirs for an avid collector of such items, or dishes from a torn down gambling casino in Las Vegas that had their signature logo.

Joe Wirth, via e-mail

Antiques make unique gifts for the holidays

Yes, my husband and I give collectibles and antiques as gifts to people who appreciate and enjoy them.

However, we are careful to ascertain whether the recipient would enjoy such a gift. If in doubt, we buy a new item and ask for a gift receipt, so the recipient can have a gift that they will truly enjoy.

Of course, it goes without saying that the giver must take into account the particular interests of the recipient and give something accordingly … whether buying “new” items or “gently used collectibles and antiques”.

My husband and I love to receive collectibles and antiques as gifts, particularly those that do reflect our special interests.
Via e-mail

“Can eBay bounce back?”

AnnsLights RT @AntiqueTrader: What do you think: Will eBay bounce back? – Rhett 2 Scarlett, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a _”
Nov. 12th from TweetDeck


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