AT Inbox: Not every reader uses the Internet

Not every reader uses the Internet

I have been a longtime subscriber. Suggestion: Why not put an address or phone number. It’s always a computer address. Many, in fact most of us collectors, are old and are computer illiterate and cannot contact those who advertise.

Thank you and sincerely,

Finalba Wasiman
Pittsburgh, Pa.

You raise a valid point, Finalba. Although the world is gaining more interaction through the Internet, we all have to realize that the online world is supplementing, not replacing, traditional forms of collecting, reading and researching. People still buy antiques only after looking them over, asking questions, comparing it to other items in a sale and reading the latest research in credible print publications.  —Eric

Rogers group disbanded in 1996

Dear Sir:

I read the article on the John Rogers Groups in your Sept. 15th Antique Trader and found it well done and interesting. However, the group mentioned, which was organized in 1971 as a study group in New Canaan, has not met since the death of John Rogers III in 1996 at the age of 50.


Janet Lindstrom
Executive Director
New Canaan Historical Society

Scam check stopped in time

Just received the Sept. 1 issue of the Antique Trader. I read with great interest about the big billing scam. Unfortunately I was duped into sending an installment payment. Once I read the article I called my credit union and stopped payment and at least know not to make any more payments to those folks.

Ironically in the mail this past weekend I got five other similar notices from the same company address for other magazines that I had never even subscribed to and those all went in the trash.

Thank you for your heads up editorial.

Bradford W. Estabrook
Worcester, Mass.

[Beware of Publisher’s Billing Exchange, Publisher’s Billing Emporium, PBE, etc., of Reno, Nevada (the names change, but the scam remains the same). We recommend you order your subscriptions directly from the publisher.]

Birth year postcard is a special gift

Dear Eric,

When my husband turned 100 this last July, with a party on our porch in New Harbor (Maine), a very thoughtful gift from a friend was a great 1910 “New Year’s Day” postcard. It was colorful with a big “1910” centered with a snowflake and holly design and in perfect condition. Finding birth date postcards seems like an ideal birthday gift (especially for an “antique man”!)

Virginia James
Northford, Conn.


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