AT Inbox: What collectibles do you have that are connected with a pastime from a bygone era?

Recalling card parties, scrap drives

Ah… Yes… When I was a kid the uncles and aunts would come over to our house and they would have card games (no gambling or bets) to midnight on weekends. This was great fun for them in those days 1940s.

I also would go to sleep listening to them and now would love to go back and pay more attention to those conversations, jokes, timely comments, etc. I remember and can hear them very plainly only a few today. I also remember bits and parts that included the current then World War progress of the allies as we had many relatives and neighbors serving overseas.

When I was very young, I went to the movies and saw Disney’s “Ferdinand the Bull” color cartoon. Then my mother gave me the rubber Ferdinand made by the Seiberling rubber tire company.

In Ohio, during World War II scrap drives, our neighborhood had a big load that was being picked up. Suddenly I saw my Ferdinand in the pile of rubber, metals, paper, etc.

I  grabbed him out and bought him home and hid him until I felt it was safe to tell everyone I wanted to keep him “and don’t try throwing him away again or I will take  something of theirs and toss it in the next scrap-drive pile..!”.

He’s still here. Still here and a tough bouncy (cause he’s made of rubber!)… long-lasting guy who when through  the WWII scrap drive and came out alive!!

 John Cooper
Clarksburg, W.Va.

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