AT Inbox: What effect will eBay’s paperless payment policy have on you? (Part 3)

I’ve sold a few things on eBay–and purchased a few.

While I agree it is annoying to have payment options limited I have had no trouble with PayPal–except of course for the extra expense.

I have received a few checks–all of which were "good".

The problem with checks is it takes SO LONG to be sure they really are legitimate.  (It wasn’t an eBay transaction but several years ago I had a check which would not clear – over two weeks after the bank deposited the funds in my account!)

I do most of my banking online – including bill payment.  (If you could see my penmanship you would realize this is a blessing for everybody.)


hello, i also have never used paypal for buying or selling… i have been selling on ebay for 10 years.. long before paypal came online.. i think this new policy is a mistake,and i will no longer be able to buy or sell on eaby when it goes into effect.. i will not be bullied into paypal… i will do more shows.. paypal costs too much, and i do not have a credit card, i have never had one,never even applied for one, don’t believe in them, so i would have to link my checking account to paypal… that will never happen.. i also heard that if the buyer is not happy with their purchase, paypal will take money out of your account and give it back to them.. now the seller will be out the product and the money.. sounds like ebay is installing a policy that the customer is always right and to heck with the sellers…

Pat Quinlan

I have to agree with you, Ebay has NO business dictating to sellers and buyers on how to pay for purchases! This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Thank you for letting us all know. I am going to write Ebay and let them know how outrageous this is! They just have to make it harder and more expensive for everyone.

We used to sell about 500 items a year on Bay. Avg. sale about $40 . We have not bothered to list on eBay for the past year . It is a very unfriendly environment for mom and pop Antique and Collectible dealers . We always specified Check or MO ONLY . Why ? A German buyer reversed his $275 payment to PayPal after claiming he didn’t receive the item . I had proof he did . Paypal ignored me and I had to give back the payment but they still charged me fees . Also we used to accept PayPal but stated up front we charged a small fee for this convenience. eBay said I could not do this. So we put in a small packing/handling fee for ALL buyers .

The plastic only policy will help the IRS keep track of income so the government can use the tax to pay off large companies (campaign donating ones) that fail .

Look up an item on eBay. You as now statically more likely to get listings for new items from on line stores than resale items from individuals or vintage items from mom and pop dealers .What happened to the World’s Largest Garage Sale?

For the past year or more eBay has been making it sound like  a dealer is substandard if he doesn’t accept PayPal , and that you are jeopardizing your money if you send a check or money order . That is what the old dealer rating system was there for . It worked fine .

It doesn’t pay for me to list vintage items on eBay anymore . They don’t sell .People are going back to small shops and impulse buying . The low selling prices and fees from ebay , PayPal and the USPS eat up what little profit I would make selling a $40 item from my shop .

In reference to your question. Use a credit card through paypal.

If you bid frequently on e-bay isn’t it better that you only have exposure of credit information through pay-pal and not any number of sellers that you have no knowledge of their credit worthiness? I personally also like the speed of seller response through paypal and on a number of occasions paypal has gone to bat for me and refunded my money because of bad sellers. I also personally do not want every stranger I buy from on e-bay knowing my checking account number that is on all of our personal checks. Money orders are far more costly and time consuming!

Gerald Johnson

Hi Robyn,

The problem with the sellers on eBay is they are lead around by the nose and do not turn their brains on – if they have any.

I will never use PayPal, but according to what I have heard is that you can ask the seller if they will accept “paper” payment. And, if the seller is smart enough NOT to use eBay checkout and send their own email – they can offer other forms of payment. I take my own credit cards on my website. If I cannot do that and tell the buyers I will accept checks and money orders I will be gone. I am just about off eBay anyhow. I went from 50 items a week to between 5 and 10 now. Looking all over for another place to sell.
I now have to put the highest postage on my auctions because I do not pack anything until it is sold. I will not lose money because of eBay so the buyer is now paying more than they would have if I didn’t have to put a total for postage in the auction.

This situation is not better for anyone. All the buyers that think it is will have a rude awakening. When the antique and collectable dealers are gone and they have a choice of CDs and electronics. They will have to go to all of the numerous other sites to find what they want.


I have been selling on eBay for 10 years and have over 5,000 feedbacks.  I prefer PayPal because the payment arrives quickly and never gets lost in the mail.  The buyer and I never have to exchange bank account or credit card numbers.  I believe it is a very safe method of payment.   About 90% of my sales are paid for with PayPal.   I am not set up for regular credit card payments. 
All that being said, I do not like it, however, that eBay will not let me offer another form of payment.  Apparently, if a buyer asks if I will accept a check or money order I can say yes,  but I cannot advertise it in my auctions that way.  Makes no sense to me.  In all my transactions which are probably over 8,000 I have never had a problem with PayPal and have had only one bad check for $10.  I think that is an excellent batting average. 
It grieves me to see eBay deteriorating like it is.  Too bad because they are really the only online auction that gets so much traffic.  I guess it was too good to last. 

I agree with you 100%.  E-bay is going to lose a lot of business.  How is it their business how an item is paid for ?  If this ruling is enforced, I will no longer do business on e-Bay and I will cancel my account.  I keep on getting those stupid pay-pal notices that my account was compromised and I don’t have a pay-pal account.  They should start by cleaning up their own house.  

Tom Vasti

Hello Robyn,

I am replying to your query about thoughts on the new ebay payment policy. It stinks.

I have been a seller on ebay for many years, and in the past two years have gone full time, this is my only income. I have always offered the option to my buyers to use Paypal or any money order that was convenient for them. Most buyers appreciate having a choice, which is what they certainly should have.

I think this decision is arbitrary and selfish on ebay’s part. They will be hogging more Paypal fees from sellers as many do not have a merchant account so Paypal will be the only option. I see nothing wrong with paying by Postal money order, as they are perfectly safe and trackable.

I can understand some people who are ‘leery’ about tying a checking account to a Paypal account. Also , since ebay states that the transaction is between the buyer and the seller, then the payment of the item should also be up to the buyer and the seller.

I have not talked to anyone whom I know who sells on ebay that welcomes this new policy. Almost all are up in arms over it, and loudly complaining. A few just had a ‘nothing we can do about it’ attitude and that was that. I did suggest to ebay that they allow postal money orders due to the reasons I have stated above, but have not heard a thing back from them and it has been several weeks now. It just keeps getting more and more complicated to deal with ebay, they are becoming a monster of rules and regulations.

However, since they are so entrenched in the online community of venues to buy and sell, I dont’ see how any new start ups can give them any competition. Woe to all of us, if we want to buy and sell on ebay, we are at their mercy, and it sure looks like they don’t have
any. Just my 2 cents. Glad to be able to voice my thoughts on the subject. Have a great weekend.



I have been a seller on eBay since the beginning and I find it frustrating and that eBay is forcing us all to do business "their way or the highway". They are definitely going to force the little dealers off their site. I have never had any issues with accepting checks, money orders or cold hard cash and I don’t believe the majority of the buyers did either.

In reality I think this is just another way for eBay to make money, they own PayPal for crying out loud. I am closing my store on eBay and I hope 1000’s of others do as well.

Seth Cohen

I don’t have a pay pal account. I have always paid for my purchases by a bank money order.  If the seller does not accept checks or money orders, then I don’t bid on the item.  Ebay sellers will lose my business.   

 Shelley Smith (dealer and buyer)

You also may find disappointment in another eBay change.
They now are dictating the amount a seller can charge for shipping most items.
Example; Vinyl records which cost approximately $9.50 to properly bubble wrap, package and ship via USPS now may not list a shipping charge greater than $4.00.
This in addition to the 12 % eBay Final Value Fee and PayPal Fees really cuts into the marginal or small volume sellers.
Are they possibly trying to weed out the small sellers ? Trying to get them to quit.
Apparently Wall Street doesn’t breed all the exec’s making excess profits through Greed !
When will competition emerge to challenge the Giant ?

Hi, Robyn & Karen –

I agree with the small inventory sellers who have already weighed in on this topic. 

Apparently, eBay is not concerned about losing the "small seller" business.  And, it’s a good thing, because I won’t be listing items on eBay, if I have to pay at least an additional 40 cents to PayPal, on top of all the other nickels and dimes.  It’s sad.  It’s nauseating.  It’s pitiful.  And, now, ProPay trying to tell us not to worry – What a joke!  If we don’t like PayPal, ProPay won’t be any more beneficial, especially if they are so "excited" to be "working with" eBay on this issue, as noted in one of the previous postings.

I also agree with both AT editors about the risks, and the "low amount" credit card idea, just for eBay purchases.  It’s all just so truly sad, though.  Once upon a time eBay was a friendly, cooperative community of buyers and sellers.  It isn’t anymore.


As a buyer and a seller I welcome the policy!  As a seller it allows one to complete the transaction in a timely manner.  When items are paid for with checks and money orders, it sometimes takes up to 14 days to complete a transaction.  As a buyer I like using paypal which again speeds up the transaction and I get my "treasure" timely.
You do not have to link your paypal account to your checking or savings account.  I am pretty sure that you can use a credit card. 
Since I am also a seller and most of my sales are paid through paypal I have funds on deposit with the company and any purchases that I make, I authorize payment from this account.  I have been a paypal customer for five years and have had no problems with my account.


It is a crock!!!!

Payment by Paypal or whatever else they want to use is only a way for Ebay to make more money, or so it seems. I am not happy at all about this, but what can I do. I have too many items to sell that will command such a large audience.

I can wait a few days for the mail instead of being charged the percentage it is now going to cost me. Just more money into their hands, and less in mine!

When will the little guy quit getting beat up?

W Geatches

I am in total agreement with you. I am a power seller on Ebay but am very much against not being able to accept money orders or checks. I myself, pay with a check on purchases and never had a problem.

I have been doing Ebay for 7 years and in the beginning I got a bad check for an item, my fault tho, I shipped before the check cleared. Many older people pay with a personal check, they don’t trust Paypal and it is hard for them to go to where they can purchase a money order.

I think this new rule will stop a lot of buyers from purchasing on FeeBay.


I have used PayPal as both a buyer and a seller since it was introduced. I have made it my policy to not make purchases on eBay from sellers who don’t accept PayPal because I have been burned by sellers who either didn’t send an item or sent one that was greatly misrepresented. If I pay with a check or money order I have no means of resolving disputes if I am dealing with an unscrupulous seller, and there are way too many of them! If I purchase with PayPal and an item arrives in condition other than stated, or never arrives at all and the seller won’t provide insurance information then I can file a dispute through PayPal and in most cases, as long as the buyer is being reasonable, they will get your money back. Checks, Money Orders, and most paper payments, other than cash, can be forged or fraud. When I receive a payment through PayPal I know when the money clears and usually payment is instant. As a business I have always accepted Visa/Master Card. As a seller I realize that not taking credit was the same as telling customers not to buy anything. I don’t sell on eBay anymore because of the fraud and the fees. When I did, I just figured the PayPal fees were just another business expense. I now sell on RubyLane, which is less expense than renting a space in a mall, and I still take PayPal and still view it as overhead.
Now, the other side of the coin, Do I think eBay should ban all but electronic payments? I really don’t think they have that right. Whenever anyone has tried to go after eBay on fraud, reproduction items, copies, or other issues they have always sailed by on the fact that they are only a "venue". As a venue they are only offering a place for sellers and buyers to come together to do their business. They don’t collect or receive these payment, the seller does. So why, as a venue, are they making this decision for the seller? Shouldn’t it be up to the seller, as it always has been, to decide what payments he is willing to receive?
So, as you can see, I do like PayPal and the buyer protection it offers. It is like taking a credit card in the shop without having to have the on-line security that allows the buyer to make an electronic payment. As both a buyer and a seller it offers speed of payment and some degree of security. I have never seen anything on my ledger other than the payments, refunds, or purchases I have made or received. The only way anyone is going to break into your account is if you are naive enough to click on the logon in a phishing email. No different than a credit card and the precautions you need to take with them.
Marcia Bradley
FB Antiques

Thanks for writing your article, in the Antique Trader on line newsletter.  I agree with you.  You’re being much too civil, however.  What Ebay is doing is another strike against Sellers. The first strike was their modification of the feedback system preventing sellers from leaving negative feedback

Anyway, it may be against the law to force people to use their payment system.  It should be legally challenged.  If you hear of any class action suit being formed, let me know.  I do mostly selling on Ebay.  Margins are thin and having to absorb a Paypal charge will probably say it’s just not worth the hassle.   Ebay’s loss will be the gain of the traditional auction houses.

Jeff Keiper

My main thing on ebay is (or  was)buying and selling in the antique and collectibles categories ……….
let’s see how long those categories will last, if there  are no antiques or collectibles to buy on ebay.
As far as I am concerned, Ebay is part of my past.  
I would imagain all the antique shops will benefit in sales from ebay’s downfall.   We will probably see more antique shows and good flea markets again……..
I know one thing for sure ……. more and more people are selling things to me in my shop.   And, more and more people are buying from us on a regular basis.
This is one ebay member that will not miss ebay as it is today. It was fun for a while, but not anymore. Thanks for letting me have my say.

Barbara Brasell

Hi, I had the same thought as you when I heard the news regarding Ebay’s new payment policy. I have been selling on Ebay since 1998 and over these ten years have accepted all types of payments including Pay Pal. I have buyers that still send cash or money orders. They are usually older folks, such as myself, that would prefer not do the credit card thing, or foreign buyers who find it easier to send cash or cashiers check.

My percentage of customers who use Pay Pal is very high but, I do believe that it will decrease my sales slightly. I also wonder if my repeat money order customers will stop buying. Time will tell.

D. Johnson
Deland, Fla.

I have been using paypal for years, and I prefer it to sending check, MO or cash.  I have not had a problem with using paypal, but if I do, I can fight it if necessary because it is on a credit card. I don’t have to go to the Post Office and make sure I have the right color
MO for Canada.  I will no longer have to send cash British Pounds because I don’t have access to an English checking account.  I don’t have to wait ten days for my check to clear before shipment.  I have a computer record of my payment (I have had two instances in which the seller claimed not to have received a payment, both solved immediately by sending paypal receipt info.  BTW, be careful if you have a dispute with an ebay seller over receiving an item not as described or the wrong item.  If the seller claims not to have received payment — even after payment has been made — ebay will close the dispute unless you have proof of payment — another plus for using paypal.


eBay’s idiotic demand for "paperless" transactions is going to save me a lot of money. Much as I hate to end a nearly 9 yr. adventure, I will no longer be buying on eBay.  I tried Paypal many years ago & when a payment was taken from my checking account, without my permission or knowledge, I called to protest & was treated rudely – as tho I were at fault. I won’t make the same mistake twice. I also feel it would be too easy to overspend my pension-tied budget if I only learned at the end of each month how much "fun" I’d been having.

eBay tried this in Australia & got slapped down by the Aussie government – bless them. I suspect this will be the ruination of the smaller sellers – they don’t need even more fees out of their slender profit margins & the USPS is costing them enough sales without eBay getting even more greedy.

It was fun while it lasted.
Susan Beshears

My objection to the no cash approach is that Ebay is getting even more greedy.  They can put whatever kind of spin on it they want to, but it still boils down to greed.  I have sold a few things on Ebay but that was a few years ago before they started increasing their selling fees, listing fees etc. 

I used to own an Antique store and dreaded the end of the month charges by my bank for accepting credit cards.  The fees on a good month could be as much as $400.00.  For a small business this is a big cost to absorb.  Most people don’t realize every time they use their credit or debit card they are costing the merchant a fee from the merchants bank. 

When I buy on Ebay I try to send a check or money order to make the sale more profitable for the seller.  I will use PayPal if that is the only acceptable form of payment but I don’t like it.  Why should Ebay be allowed to dictate this?  It will get to be PayPal only and that is a monopoly and I think there are laws against that.

I will now get off my soap box.

Marcia in Florida

Hi, I have bought and sold on ebay for many years. As a seller, I am tired of ebay’s heavy handed approach …. who are they to decide what payments I should accept?? They have consistently raised fees, and at the same time offered little in the way of compensation to sellers. Latest absurd issue….. sellers can no longer leave negative feedback , although sellers  are allowed to leave it for us. Also, when a buyer says they have not received their item (after refusing insurance), ebay promptly refunds their payment, regardless of what the seller says. Ebay was built on a strong seller base, and I think they have forgotten this. Unfortunate, because many many sellers have reached their limit of tolerance and are pursuing other avenues.

Ohio Dealer